Super Wiloo Demake – Nintendo Switch Review

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Super Wiloo Demake
Release 02/08/2019
Switch version tested
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Ever take your dog to the park and it gets abducted by an alien? No? Well guess what, that’s what happened to Wiloo. So grab your costume and get ready to platform your butt off to bring home the doggo.

The main menu is a very welcoming forest and mountain range scenery with super happy music. It’s very nice. Super Wiloo font is retro looking and awesome. Easy, normal, and hardcore mode are available to choose from. Easy has infinite flying and lives, normal has infinite lives, and hardcore has one life to live. This story begins with Wiloo and Agatha playing with their dog when a lonely alien named Dr. ETvaldo abducted their pup and everyone else’s on the planet. Time for an adventure to rescue the “doggo” (I hate that word).

Straight away I’m running and double jumping around the first stage without a care in the world. In a quick first stage I already experienced four costume changes including a bee suit, turtle, rolly polly, and unicorn. The bee suit made me fly a bit, turtle allowed me to swim underwater without floating upward, rolly polly can roll, and the unicorn made the horn into a shooting device. Watch out, I’m rare and horny. Objectives to complete are collecting three big coins, collecting small coins, and getting a low time. The overall time taken to beat each level will be shown in the over-world. This is only shown in hardcore mode.

Level select menu is a nice looking map that could be seen as a nod to Super Mario World. I love when games have an over-world like these. It adds a throwback feel that reminds me of playing games as a kid. Upon beating the first level and seeing the world area, it becomes apparent that the big coins (known as special coins) are used to unlock bonus levels. Bonus levels are memory card flipping games (Super Mario 3 nod?). Each normal level of course, can be replayed to collect those special coins if needed.

Without a costume its a one-hit kill kind of game. The costume will add another hit which is nice when you’re holding down the run button and dashing around jumping like a mad man. That is really funny and I suggest trying it. The bee costume allows your character to fly that looks pretty familiar to a certain suit that a plumber wears. I’m sensing some patterns here. Rolly Polly outfit can make you roll really fast as well, heh. Checkpoints make this simple platformer very accessible for all gamers. It’s a very good entry-level game to give your kid considering the chipper tunes and smile on Wiloo’s face.

I’ve got to say the popping sound of jumping on enemies can be quite annoying. They all look similar in shape, size, and movement. Hey, I found a secret that involves jumping on top of a platform and running quite a distance of the level while being off-screen. Sound familiar to anyone?? I love these references if you haven’t caught on by now.

Controls feel fit pretty well and the game can be forgiving in some aspects. One foot needs to be on any surface to remain. Jumping on enemies often looks like it will result in failure but then the enemy dies. More than one occasion I thought for sure I was done, and the baddie flopped instead. There were times the double jump button wasn’t responsive while running around but nothing game breaking. Super Wiloo stays accessible for the younger crowd.

Checkpoints are where you return if you meet an unfortunate fate. Special coins, however, will not need to be recollected if you don’t make it to a checkpoint and that is awesome. Just another way Super Wiloo Demake keeps the fun going. Visuals are simple in colour and design, but overall it’s not doing much for me. As said earlier, this is a perfect entry-level game for beginners. That’s not to say it’s a bad game, but maybe not the game for me. With that in mind, I would love to show this game to my nephew. It hits all the markers for platforming: moving platforms, ladders, holding down to access lower levels, holding down a button to run, gauging whether or not the player should walk to play it safe. I would love to see this developer make a mid level platformer.

World 9-1 is where the game strays from a lot of the platforms and visuals being the same. This level has different music, shows a foreground change, loads of different colours, and all three of the core baddies at once. At this point I still don’t know what the point of collecting coins is for. Boss battles icon on the world map show a VERY familiar brown brick castle. The frog boss was simple but fun with his huge eyebrows he may be my spirit animal. It was a good change of pace from the constant platforming to be in a stuck area fighting one big baddie.


Final Words:

Upon reaching the second boss I found the level that comes prior is the same as the previous world in look and feel. The second boss was also very similar in style to the first world boss. Jump around a bit until their head is open and land on it. Fifty levels may be a lot but there isn’t much to chew on and it feels very repetitious. Speedrunners will appreciate the multiple ways to beat levels that will allow for constant running versus taking your time to collect coins. Boss battles aren’t very interesting but they look the best and it was the highlight for me. There are more Mario references than I can shake a stick at. Great for beginners.



TBG Score: 5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, PlayStation 4, PSVita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 02/08/2019
No. of Players: 1
File Size: 57 MB
Category: Adventure, Platformer, Arcade
Developer: LightUp
Publisher: Ratalaika Games 
Twitter: @RatalaikaGames
Download link: eShop


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