Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s – Nintendo Switch Review

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Pantsu Hunter
Release 28/08/2019
Switch version tested
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You can tell a lot about a girl from her panties. At least that’s Kenji, the main character of Pantsu Hunter’s philosophy. Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s is a visual novel type game from Sometimes You where the object of the game is to steal several different pairs of panties from girls across 4 different scenes to find your one true love… at least the game warns you before you start playing that “strange things are about to happen”.


You play as Kenji Kojima. A university student who, in an attempt to pay his way through college, takes on several odd jobs as a jack of all trades. In addition to getting through school, he is also trying to find “the one.” His idea is that to find her, he needs to inspect her panties (usually paired with incredibly creepy dialogue). Only then can he truly know her and fall in love.


Each scenario has several different endings (some of them involving you dying under mysterious circumstances), a “true ending,” and six different pairs of panties to find. If you pride yourself a completionist, this game will definitely keep you busy for a bit. Some of the endings are simple enough, but some involve a little more snooping around and puzzle-solving.


The scenes usually involve you arriving at the target’s apartment to help her out with some random task (ex: fixing a broken VCR so she can watch anime). You’ll have different conversations that can result in different endings depending on your choices, but most of the gameplay involves you being alone in a room so you can snoop around a bit. And for one reason or another, every time you sit in a chair and nobody’s around to supervise you, you die. Yes. YOU DIE.



Final Words:

I wouldn’t say the game is great, but I also definitely wouldn’t say it’s awful. A solid middle ground. The humour is definitely the high point for me. The price is a bit steep at $12.99 (£11.69), but if you enjoy these visual novel/point and click style games, you’ll more than likely enjoy Pantsu Hunter and find it worth the price. Just beware of the chairs.



TBG Score: 5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, PlayStation 4, PSVita, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 28/08/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, Puzzle
Developer: Ascension Dream
Publisher: Sometimes You
Twitter: @Pinkerator
Download link: eShop

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