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Bus Fix 2019 – Nintendo Switch Review

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Bus Fix 2019
Release 03/07/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

What would a month be with not at least one ChickenPerm Switch game review from Ultimate Games? Certainly, not a month I would want to endure and I am sure you all feel the same way. It is tradition now. Perhaps the greatest tradition since Seinfeld’s Festivus!

Bus Fix 2019 leaves nothing to the imagination. The entire game is fixing buses for customers in return for money and with the money you can purchase buses from auctions.


The game sounds simple enough. Yet, this is the only game I have ever had to restart to go through the tutorial a second time just to understand how to navigate the menus. The second time around I ended up just playing the game as a touchscreen game and was actually able to progress in it. Using the analogue sticks and buttons to play is oddly complex and hard to explain in words. There is a menu on the top of the screen you can scroll through with the left stick but there are options on the side you need to use that you cannot get to with the left stick. In order to get to the side menus you need to press a button to leave the top menu then you can navigate the side options. So instead of just being able to use one stick to get to and from the top/side you have to press and additional button every single time. I found it entirely not worth it to even try and play docked or with buttons before I could even get to the bus fixing part.


You can pick from a group of potential customers that are having various “thrilling” issues with their buses. The more complex the bus trouble is the more money you stand to make off the job. By the time I finished with the third bus I honestly felt like I had more than enough of the game. I was confused with the currency and money counter choice used in the game. The developers have used the American “$” symbol but have added an extra decimal placement that is not used in American currency (like $20.175). Just something odd I noticed in the game.

I do not know much about cars let alone buses so maybe it was just me that thinks the customer’s description of the bus’s problem(s) were a bit too vague or off. For example, a customer said their steering wheel was shaking while driving so call me crazy but the first area I would think to examine is the steering wheel. However, that is not even a part you can examine at all. I ended up having to search every area you can examine multiple times to find out I needed to either replace or repair a tire, a break bad and two other wheel area related parts. For a shaking steering wheel?


Once you find the part that needs to be worked on it is very simple to repair. Sometimes you just need to switch it out for a new one, turn a wrench in a circle, or tab a button/screen. It takes longer to find and get to some of the parts than to actually fix the issue.

One feature that could have made this game at least not completely worthless is the option to drive the buses. I know it is a fixer game but I would not really classify it as a puzzle game so the addition of some test driving would have added something to the Bus Fix 2019.



Final Words:

Typically in my final thoughts I like to leave my recommendation for who the game is perfect for, but honestly I am stumped on Bus Fixer 2019. Someone who has/had their heart set on becoming a mechanic that exclusively works on buses? I have an idea for a game series that can coincide with Ultimate Games long list of “Fix” games and it is Game Fix. It would just have the gamer essentially fixing and improving the base game that Ultimate Games starts. So the player pays to get a bad game and then while playing it the objectives will be to make the game actually enjoyable and playable. Please just save your money and put it towards another game that is not GoFishing3D.



TBG Score:  1/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Mobile, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 03/07/2019
No. of Players: 1
File Size: 248 MB
Category: Simulation, Puzzle
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Twitter: @theufgame
Download link: eShop

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