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Alien Escape – Nintendo Switch Review

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Alien Escape
Release 12/07/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

We all love a good old fashioned alien romp and thanks to the team over at NOFUEL Games and KORION Interactive we need not look any further. Alien Escape on Nintendo Switch ticks all the boxes as we follow the story of Timmy and his crew in this out of world puzzle-based adventure.


For no apparent reason the gang are having a banging rave aboard their spaceship. Things escalate quickly as the fuel runs out causing the craft to fall from the sky crashlanding on the unknown planet below. They are confronted by an evil being inside an eerie castle and this is where our game begins. Set over the course of a massive 70 levels Timmy must use his powers to escape and save all of his friends in the process.


Gameplay is centred around an interesting mechanic whereby you use the triggers to spin the level, either left or right and in doing so poor little Timmy is thrown around like a crusty pair of pants in the tumble dryer. This often leads to an unfortunate date with a set of spikes but if judged right will open up previously unreachable areas or ledges. The goal of each level is to locate and collect a key to unlock the exit door before being able to move on. As you progress new elements are introduced at a steady rate, obstacles to overcome, honey, fire, moveable blocks and some that disappear on touch but the core mechanic remains. All of the additions come with their own set of perks or perils, on too many occasions poor little Timmy was pulverised before my eyes by a falling block.


At the end of each stage you are presented with a star rating out of three, this is judged on the number of turns used and time taken. It feels very much like the system employed by Angry Birds and the plethora of mobile games out there. It works and well, giving reason to replay once you have whizzed through the main campaign in order to perfect that score. Once a section has been completed it unlocks on the main roadmap allowing you to backtrack and replay at your leisure. To add variety, the route branches off at key points allowing you to decide which order you attempt the subsequent stages. Some level tiles feature an exclamation mark which indicates that one of the crew can be rescued from within.


Alien Escape, on the whole, is a good looking game. Opting for a pixel-based visual that is simple and clean, the alien models are cute and the bright green palette works in striking contrast to the dull blue/grey backgrounds. In the sound department, all is well but mostly forgettable. It’s definitely the sort of game you can play with the sound off which in no way detracts from the experience as it feels very much a mobile title in its setup.



Final Words:

Alien Escape on Nintendo Switch works well and is a fun experience throughout. The mechanic of spinning the level helps it stand out from even the best examples in the genre. The main game will offer a decent challenge but most levels will be done and dusted in a few minutes unless you are replaying to get all of the stars. If you are a fan of puzzle games then Alien Escape is a decent option, especially at the budget price point. Its simplistic premise will appeal to all ages but for the more seasoned gamer stick with it until the end as reaching 100% will unlock something special as a reward.



TBG Score: 6.5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 12/07/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Developer: NOFUEL Games
Publisher: KORION Interactive GmbH
Twitter: @KorionG
Download link: eShop

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