WWE: Extreme Rules 2019 – Recap

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It’s safe to say that WWE needed to knock one out of the park this past Sunday. Interest in the product seems to be at its lowest since the mid-90s and with the imminent prime time arrival of AEW, things clearly needed to change. New writers in the form of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are determined to bring a new feel to Raw and Smackdown and I think we can all admit something… Extreme Rules 2019 was a very good event. Let’s recap the relevant happenings.

The pre-show featured a super match between IC champ Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. Both men were evidently happy to be working with each once again and seeing the title switch was both surprising but also not much given the fact that Balor will be taken some time off following SummerSlam. Could a much anticipated joining up with The Club be finally in the works upon his return? We certainly hope so!

The Undertaker looked great! Yes, that feels like a surreal thing to see these days but its the truth. The main show opener was a fantastic encounter with the Deadman seeming more motivated than we have seen since his late 2015 tussles with Brock Lesnar. The interaction between him and McIntyre almost confirmed that we will see these two throwdown in a titanic collision this summer. A win for Drew could finally take him to the much deserved main event picture.

Aleister Black and Cesaro pounded the tar out of each other and we loved it. Both men brought there working game with them here and really put on a stiff tussle. One must think that this will be the first of many matches between the two. Black looks to have settled nicely on the main roster and Cesaro once again shows why he may be the most underutilised guy on the roster, but haven’t we all been saying that for years?

The US title was next to switch as Ricochet dropped the gold to AJ Styles in a thrilling back and forth encounter. The chemistry between the two gets better with each passing battle and a feud settler at SummerSlam seems to be next on the agenda. Both men are in their prime right now and the standards they continue to set are becoming almost unmatchable.

Poor, poor Samoa Joe. Winning the WWE title from Kofi Kingston would have been amazing but let’s face it, Kofi was never losing here which is a sad thing to say. This writer believes the KofiMania craze has gone past its sell-by date now but one does thing where do both men go next? Puzzling times for the so-called richest prize in the game!

Everybody knew Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch would retain their titles in their spirited bout with Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans. Despite what you will read elsewhere and what the ever so vocal online ‘experts/trolls/fanboys’ think, seeing Brock Lesnar cash in and regain the Universal title was a legit surprise and one this writer actually enjoyed. Don’t worry though, the rematch will occur at SummerSlam and it could surprise many with how it plays out.


That was Extreme Rules 2019 and a good one at that. Keep it up Heyman and Uncle Eric!


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