What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie? – A Scream Quiz

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Wes Craven was the master of horror and in 1996, with the help of Kevin Williamson, he gave us Scream. Introducing Ghostface killer, not the rapper, to the globe and spawning numerous sequels and even a TV show. With season three well underway we thought it the perfect time to slash our way through the franchise’s history… I’ll be right back!



Director Wes Craven took a risk in the opening sequence of Scream by killing off which big name star?

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Which actress plays franchise protagonist Sidney Prescott?

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Before being retitled by the studio the film originally known as...

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What are Randy's golden rules for successfully surviving a horror movie?

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Add the missing movie from Billy's quote: 'Mmm... corn syrup, same stuff they used for pigs' blood in...'

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Which teen slayer had the tables turned on them in Scream 2 falling foul of Mr Ghostface?

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Jada Pinkett made a brief cameo in the opening sequence of Scream 2 but who is her famous spouse?

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What is the name of Cotton Weary's nationally syndicated television show in Scream 3?

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Which famous duo had a cameo in Scream 3?

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How many years is Scream 4 set after the original Woodsboro massacre?

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In Scream 4 Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro to promote her new...

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The third season of the TV series, titled Resurrection, has just been picked up by which network?

Scream Resurrection
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What's Your Favourite Scary Movie? A Scream Quiz
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