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Release 21/06/2019
Switch version tested
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“Hello Ultimate Games… we meet again. What do you have for ChickenPerm this time? Another platforming runner like Chicken Rider? I see you brought back up this time, who is your friend? Woodland Games huh, nice to make your acquaintance. The first two games associated with Ultimate Games that this permed bird reviewed was made of minced meat so how could a third possibly be the charm?” I thought this to myself when provided Scrap to review. Heck, I was even coming up with lame titles for this game once I saw the Publisher like, “Scrap More Like Crap” or “Scrap the S is Silent” but rationally that would not be fair. It certainly had an uphill battle before even downloading it to say the least. However, like any good reviewer, I was ready to put the past behind me and give this one a fair shake.


Scrap is a bit on the short side, so I will be short and straight to the point (“TOO LATE” Clue movie) everything that was wrong in Chicken Rider; which was a whole lot, is done right in this game. Pleasantly surprised would be an understatement because I would give Scrap the top spot as my favourite game that I have been provided for review.

The start is eerily similar to Chicken Rider but instead of a dumb polar bear on chicken-back trying to escape a facility, it is a robot. Midway through the game, for some reason that I cannot explain, I felt attached to the robot. There are a few animated cut scenes and perhaps it was those that made the difference, but it just came off as so determined to break free that it rubbed off on me.


Another main issue I had with the previous platform runner from Ultimate Games was that it was just one long continuous sloppy path. However, this one nailed it with three areas of ten levels that are the perfect balance of length and difficulty. The main objective is to get the robot from the start of the level to the end while avoiding saws, mines, and lasers. There are also three side missions you can try to complete for all ten levels in the world a bonus level will be unlocked making 33 total possible levels. I felt the first and second areas looked a bit too similar as factory environments but the third changed it up to an outdoor junkyard. Honestly, that was the only negative I would come up with after beating the game, area one and two looked a bit too similar to me.


The controls are beyond simplistic and accurate.  Only two buttons are used to play this game. The A button will jump press again in the air to double jump. The B button will drop the robot down through the floor. Typically when playing any platformer there are some points where you get frustrated with the game because you feel you are doing exactly what needs to be done and it just is not working. Not in Scrap though, there was not a single time I got annoyed with the game because the level had a cheap aspect of could not get past an obstacle because of the controls. Even some personal top favourite of mine like The Messenger had moments of near rage or quitting because of controls and what the game is demanding to move on, but not in Scrap. I have to give major props to Woodland Games because they managed to outrank other games by bigger developers with their control accuracy.



Final Words:

Plain and simple I loved this game. I would wholeheartedly recommend it at the full price ($4.99) assuming you are into this genre, but a must buy if ever on sale. It is on the shorter side, however according to Nintendo’s website the game will be receiving another 11 levels for free at some point so then there would be 44 levels. The controls are spot-on, music is enjoyable, the robot is likeable, and the levels are challenging but reasonable.



TBG Score: 9/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Mobile, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 21/06/2019
No. of Players: 1
File Size: 622MB
Category: Platformter
Developer: Woodland Games
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Twitter: @theUFgame
Download link: eShop

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