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Has Robert Kirkman Called Time on The Walking Dead Comic? [SPOILERS]

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Robert Kirkman posted on his Twitter yesterday suggesting to fans of his long-running comic book series The Walking Dead that they avoided seeking out any spoilers for the upcoming issue if they didn’t want the “big issue” to be spoiled.

The post immediately had fans up in arms about what issue #193 could possibly contain, and why it was such a big deal. Everything from naked Negan to Rick waking up from his coma has been floated on the internet since, with speculation high as to how they could ever top issue #192 which saw Kirkman finally kill off his main character Rick Grimes.

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Well, if rumours circulating the internet are to be believed then the big reveal for issue #193 is that it is the very last. That’s right, just a single issue after Rick was executed in his own bed, Kirkman is pulling the plug on the comic book altogether with a special 70-page finale.

Apparently, Kirkman will address his readers in a letter, talking about the reasons for bringing the world he created to an end, and why now was the right time. Forbes posted a snippet of the letter which seems very final:

“Oddly, as unsure as I feel about ending the story, I feel confident in how I ended it. I’ve been building to this for years, and it does feel good to end on such a happy note. To know that everything these characters lived through meant something. To see that Michonne got to find her daughter, find peace with her life, and even have a grandchild…that feels good. That the world is fixed…and at peace, that in some ways it’s even better than before…that’s meaningful. And to see Carl in that rocking chair, reading happily to his daughter, to know that’s the life Rick wanted him to have…that makes me happy.”

Although fans may be shocked, Kirkman did make it clear in interviews way back when the comic was first released that The Walking Dead was Rick Grimes’ story so ending it so soon after his final moments seemed fairly obvious to some of us.


Will you be buying issue #193? How do you feel about the very real possibility of this being the end? Where do you suppose it leaves the TV show? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.


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