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WWE: NXT Results & Recap – July 24th, 2019

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The second round of the Breakout Tournament starts off the show with Jordan Myles vs Angel Garza. Once again, Garza had that crowd going before he even entered the ring. This was an entertaining match, with most of the spotlight on Garza. Myles had his moments too and had the most important moment as he came away with the win with a German suplex pin. I was a bit shocked with this one, I thought Garza was going to win this whole thing the way he’s been working this crowd.

Immediately after the match, Shane Thorne goes to commentators table to say he doesn’t need a Breakout Tournament because he is going to break out on his own then walks off.

Backstage, Gargano says Cole made things personal when he brought his family in this situation. He says he will do whatever it takes to beat the hell out of him and chooses a Street Fight stipulation for their match at TakeOver. Adam Cole will be choosing his own stipulation as well later in the show. If there has to be a tiebreaker match after those two matches, Regal will choose the third. I’m not a betting man. But if I was, I bet there will be a third match. Just a hunch.

The next match of the show was Xia Li vs Bianca Belair. This was pretty much all Belair as she continues her rebound from losing two straight to Mia Yim. Belair would win with her KOD.

After that, we got a bit of promo time. First, Killian Dane says he wasn’t going to attack anybody but Matt Riddle isn’t anybody, he’s somebody. And what he did to Riddle is just a glimpse of what is to become. We then got footage of Mia Yim attacking Jessamyn Duke after a session at the Performance Center.

Velveteen Dream then makes his way to the ring and says the only way he will step down as champ is the day the experience dies. And when it does he wants to go straight to Hell. He adds that Strong isn’t big enough to ride this ride. The Dream wants to experience who is big enough. Strong comes out and says he is the most deserving for a title shot. We then get an unexpected interruption from Pete Dunne. Dunne comes to the ring, snaps Strongs fingers then stares down Dream as he quickly exits.

After a commercial break, we see Strong backstage talking to Regal about Pete Dunne. Regal announces that at TakeOver: Toronto, Dream will face Strong and Dunne in a triple threat match for the title. Strong says he wants a match with Dunne next week.

The next match of the show is Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai. Io came out strong but within a minute of the match Candice LeRae came out and attacked Io. This was kind of a shame since we never get to see Catanzaro that much and we didn’t get to see her do a single move.

We then see Adam Cole backstage as he says he mentions that the Undisputed Era gets screwed over again with Pete Dunne. He mentions after TakeOver that they will all be draped in gold. Cole names his stipulation a classic one on one wrestling match.

The main event was next with Keith Lee vs Damian Priest. This match wasn’t bad, but when we usually see Keith Lee, we get a very entertaining match. There was a couple of spots that were entertaining but it wasn’t consistent. Priest would escape with the win after delivering a whirlwind kick followed by a rolling cutter after using the ref as a distraction.


And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week we have Tyler Breeze vs Jaxson Ryker and also Roderick Strong vs Pete Dunne. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!


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