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WWE: NXT Results & Recap – July 17th, 2019

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This week’s episode started with Matt Riddle vs Arturo Ruas. Both of these guys have an MMA background and that’s basically the type of match we got here. I don’t recall a single wrestling move being done the entire time. That’s not really a bad thing though. The ending was very MMA-esque as well as the ref had to stop the match due to Ruas not being able to defend himself from the onslaught of punches Riddle was delivering while mounted on top of him. After the match, Killian Dane attacked Riddle from behind. Dane would finish his beat down at the top of the ramp by delivering a running Senton Splash that would take both men through the flooring. Yowie Wowie!

After that was a couple of promos. First up, the Street Profits call out the Undisputed Era. They said they don’t understand why the Era still think they are running the place when they don’t have the titles anymore. After they finished trash-talking, Dawkins finishes by saying that that was undisputed, leaving Ford with a shocked looked on his face. Following that was a quick segment where we see Mia Yim beating up Marina Shafir at her car in the parking lot.

We then have the final first-round Breakout Tournament match with Dexter Lumis vs Bronson Reed. If you remember Dexter’s creepy character from Impact Wrestling, it’s now been cranked to 11. He definitely had the spotlight on him the entire match. That said though after Dexter missed a high-risk move from the top rope, Reed would capitalise and deliver a splash from the top rope for the win. There seriously wasn’t a single second I thought Reed was going to win that match up until that three count.

Next, we see a Tyler Breeze finishing a photoshoot. He tells Cathy Kelley that everyone in NXT is in a group and that he needs to adapt (Fandango hint?). The Forgotten Sons interrupt, but Breeze quickly bites back and asks Ryker if he used to be Buddy Murphy. They then tell Breeze that he has never seen a man like Ryker. Breeze tells the Forgotten Sons he has seen everything and walks off. Seriously though, are we getting Breezango back?!

Following this we got Kushida vs Apollo Crews and when Crews came out, he received a massive pop for his return. This was easily the best match of the show. In the end though, Kushida would deliver a Rolling arm-bar from the top rope and then transition into his Hoverboard Lock for the submission.

Keith Lee would have a backstage segment following the match. He was asked how he feels about his tenure at NXT so far. Lee said he was told that he would have opportunities but he has only been passed up. He added that everyone should be talking about him instead of Damian Priest but he would be changing that narrative and walks off.

Adam Cole comes to the ring and says he has been on the Bay Bay Championship Tour to show what a true champion is and that he was going to put his title on the line tonight. That person though, was Twan Tucker, a member of the wrestling training school from where Johnny Gargano lives. Cole told Tucker he had nothing to worry about because he came alone. Tucker though, told Cole that he didn’t come alone. Gargano would then come out and attack Cole. This would spill out into the crowd and then eventually lead back into the ring where Gargano would put in his Gargano Escape submission and would not let go for an extended period of time. While Gargano was exiting the ramp, he told a Cole he wants a rubber match for the title as the show came to a close.


And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week we have Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai for the only scheduled match so far. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!


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