Movie Deal of the Week July 1st, 2019

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It’s deal of the week time once again. The Google Play store has a lot of the previous week’s selections still hanging in there along with some classic/cult horror offerings thrown into the mix. Sadly, most will only appeal to the hardcore film buff so we are keeping clear of those.

This week’s pick of the bunch is 1992’s live-action take on Manga series The Guyver. To be clear it’s not a great film but for this writer, its a guilty pleasure and perfectly timed as July also sees the release of Alita: Battle Angel (another live-action retelling) which can also be pre-ordered for the bargain price of £9.99. Check out the original trailer here:

The Guyver - Teaser Trailer

The easiest way of describing The Guyver is to think of it as a tonally darker version of the Power Rangers, with added Mark Hamill for good measure. An alien artefact is found by a young misfit and the two become fused together, transforming our lead into an armoured hybrid super soldier. A hero is born. Every hero must have a nemesis though and The Guyver is no different thanks to the mysterious Zoanoids. At the time the film was praised for its special effects and costume design but that’s really about it. It was a time before the MCU and realistic CGI so compared to today’s standards we are pretty much just talking about a bunch of guys running around in suits. The plot is cliched, the action is fun but what’s most surprising is that it did well enough to spawn a sequel, Guyver: Dark Hero, all be it at the cost of the lead who was replaced by David Hayter.


The Guyver – Official Synopsis:

Having been smuggled out of the mysterious Chronos Corporation by one of its researchers, a bio-weapon known as the “Guyver” unit – which transforms its holder into a lethal super-being – ends up in the hands of Sean, a young martial arts student. Sean soon finds himself in the sights of the Chronos Corporation and its mutant henchmen, who’ll stop at nothing to retrieve the weapon.

Release: Jun 1992
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Director: Steve Wang
Starring: Mark Hamill, Greg Joung Paik, Jimmie Walker


Buy The Guyver now:

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