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Cowabunga! IDW & Kevin Eastman Unveil New Female TMNT [SPOILERS]

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Twenty Nineteen is definitely the year of the Turtle, as Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s iconic comic book cash cow celebrates its 35th anniversary. But how do you keep such a perfect comic book idea from going stale after nearly 4 decades on the shelves? By introducing new twists and turns to the age-old canon of course – and one way to do that is to shake things up with a brand new addition to the team.

spoilerTMNT fans who remember the appalling Next Mutation TV series, will recall how a female Turtle was added to the group by the name of Venus de Milo. The character was the very opposite of success, finding herself at the brunt of fan fury at how badly Saban handled the property. So you’d be forgiven for being cautious at the news of the comic introducing a new female lead, but this time things have been handled very differently.

TMNT Issue 95 (2019 IDW).png

For those of you who haven’t been following the latest run of comics, issue 95 of the IDW run saw TMNT ally Jennika seriously injured at the hands of the Foot and Karai. In order to save her life, Jennika is given a blood transfusion using the blood from Leonardo’s own body. The transfusion is a success, saving the young ninja’s life but also results in her being transformed into a mutant herself, because well, that’s what happens when you use blood infected by a toxic ooze.

TMNT Yellow Mask 2019

Reports suggest that Jennika will have her own yellow mask, to help differentiate her from her ‘brothers’, and will have claws to help her in battle. The concept art that’s been released is pretty bitchin’

We’ve yet to see how well the new addition will fit into the group, but with original creator Kevin Eastman 100% behind the idea we’re confident Jennika will be around for years to come. Hope she’s a fan of pizza!


How do you feel about the addition of Jennika? Do you like her transformation story? Do you see her appearing in other iterations of the story? Sound of like a ninja in the comments.

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