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Grass Cutter: Mutated Lawns – Nintendo Switch Review

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Grass Cutter
Release 10/07/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

From the people that brought you the “classic” early 90s Sci-Fi Horror movie and SNES game Lawn Mower Man proudly presenting their long-awaited follow up to the series Grass Cutter: Mutated Lawns. No, No, No that is not true but what else can one think of when reading such a title? Unlike the film this game actually is all about mowing the lawn.


Actually, the company Sometimes You bring this action-puzzle indie to the Switch. The plot, yes a plot believe it or not, in a nutshell is some scientists create some chemical that somehow gets spread on some lawns and it up to the player to cut the grass while avoiding a numerous amount of obstacles including mutated grass patches.


Each stage is a different lawn pattern with enemies and traps to avoid. The player is not controlling a person pushing or driving a mower but just a lawnmower itself. Some curveballs are thrown in, as there is a fuel gauge to maintain, HP, block-pushing puzzles and a few weapons to use against the mutants. A level is complete once every square of the dark green grass patches on the lawn is cut. After a level the player earns gears, which is the game’s currency, to purchase different styled mowers. There are some fairly witty spoofs off of Superheroes for mower themes to be purchased resulting in the best aspect of the game.


The mower is controlled with the Joy-con or d-pad. If you collect the laser gun or mine power-up they can be utilised to incapacitate enemies with the A and B buttons. Overall, the controls are simple enough but navigating or turning could have been done better.

The music was not particularly pleasing to the ears along with the visuals to the eyes. Both came off as bland or forgettable. There is a lot of green to look at. The creators seemed to be rather proud about the music in the game’s description so perhaps it is just not in my taste. No surprised here but the graphics are pixelated a fairly common feature for indie games on the Switch.



Final Words:

A free demo is available and highly recommended playing first before purchase because spending $5.99 (£6.29) on Grass Cutter: Mutant Lawns is not justifiable unless it somehow tickles your fancy right off the bat. The game has an overwhelmingly positive review rate on its Steam site so maybe I am missing something or the Switch version is drastically different, but I am not sure what everyone else played because it is a dud. The game falls into the category of download a free dime a dozen game just like this on a tablet or mobile device instead and save money. Sometimes You did nothing impressive with this title in any aspect. Maybe they should have just made a Lawn Mower Man sequel?



TBG Score: 3/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 10/07/2019
No. of Players: 1
File Size: 328MB
Category: Arcade, Puzzle
Developer: usanik
Publisher: Sometimes You
Website: www.sometimesyou.com
Twitter: @Pinkerator
Download link: eShop

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