International Cat Day: Cats of Gaming

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Throughout the years Cat’s have had a tough time despite once being worshipped by the Egyptian’s as god-like creatures, often perceived as villains or selfish due to their aloof nature, but this just isn’t the case. Anyone who has owned a Cat knows how amazing they are and although they may sing you the song of their people at 2 AM, lovingly put their face in your drink to see if a bit of hair will improve the taste or hit you with a Randy Savage style elbow drop to see if you are REALLY asleep, they truly are great companions.

So with that in mind, it’s great to see Cat’s getting a bit more focus as the protagonist’s in gaming lately. Let’s take a look at some of the Cat-friendly titles available for your home consoles, mobiles and PC.




Poof that cats can be heroes, Cat Quest has you setting out on a quest to save your kidnapped sister. Venture through the land of Felingard facing all kinds of nasty foes straight out of the pages of high fantasy in this action RPG.



Rain City | Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Switch


Another Cat in search of his sister has you venturing through a beautiful hand draw city, meeting new and interesting characters, taking on mini-games and solving puzzles. Rain City is a fun story that will keep you engaged from start to finish.



Meow Motors Xbox One Launch Trailer


It’s not just Italian plumbers made in Japan that can have fun on the track. Meow Motors is a fast-paced Kart Racer full of customisation, unlockables, power-ups, strong single-player mode and multiplayer mayhem.



Night In The Woods Official Game Trailer


Night in the Woods is a deep story about a Cat who returns home after dropping out of college. This coming of age tale allows you to fill in the blanks of your own story and youth as you interact with old acquaintances who reflect on your delinquent youth in this stylish side-scroller.



Catlateral Damage - Infomercial Trailer | PS4


Okay I confess, Cat’s can be assholes, they can’t help it, it’s just the way they are at times, but we still love them. Catlateral Damage put’s you in the first-person view of a moody mog as you scurry around various levels causing mayhem with a swipe of the paw. Pick up and play fun at it’s finest.



I and Me - Nintendo eShop Trailer (Nintendo Switch)


This charming side-scrolling puzzle platformer has you controlling two kitties at the same time as you traverse a series of intricate levels cleverly designed to make you think outside the box to get inside a box. Featuring a deep yet slightly heavy-handed plot this is a fun puzzler to get engrossed in.


So there it is, a selection of fun felines to brighten up your gaming library. Are there any gaming Cat’s that you love? let us know in the comments and on social media. Also, feel free to include a picture of your fluffy gaming companion!

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