A ‘Stranger Things’ Quiz to Turn Your World Upside Down

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We all know you love Stranger Things and have no doubt already binged the Hell out of season 3 on Netflix – because let’s face it, it’s awesome. But how well do you know the production as a whole? We’ve reached deep into the Upside Down to find some questions relating to seasons 1 and 2 (no season 3 spoilers here, guys) to find 12 questions we think will turn your world upside down.

So let’s see what you’ve got as you tackle our Stranger Things Quiz to Turn Your World Upside Down – do you have what it takes to take on the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer? We’re about to find out.



What short lived TV show did the Duffer Brothers work on before creating 'Stranger Things'?

Stranger Things The Duffer Brothers
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What was the original name of the show before the Duffers settled on 'Stranger Things'?

Stranger Things Title Card Netflix (c)
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How many kids in total auditioned for the roles before the Duffers made their casting choices for season 1?

Stranger Things Cast
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What is the real name the writers chose for what we now call 'The Upside Down'?

Stranger Things Barb Upside Down Netflix (c)
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Which iconic horror writer tipped the world off to the acting talents of Millie Bobby Brown, long before she appeared in 'Stranger Things'?

Millie Bobby Brown GODZILLA
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David Harbour wanted his character Jim Hopper to wear a hat as a tribute to Indiana Jones. But what other iconic Indy moment did he want to recreate during season 1 of 'Stranger Things'?

Stranger Things HOPPER Netflix (c)
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Which Stephen Spielberg movie is said to have inspired Milly Bobby Brown's performances as Eleven?

Stranger Things Season 1 Eleven Netflix (c)
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How many pounds of Epsom Salts were needed to make Eleven float in the kiddy pool?

Stranger Things Season 2 Pool Netflix (c)
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When some of the younger kids on set first saw the animatronic Demogorgon it was deemed too scary. To help ease the tension, what did the Duffer Brothers tell the young cast members and their siblings?

Stranger Things Season 1 Demogorgon Netflix (c)
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What was the average viewership for the first weekend of 'Stranger Things' season 2 on Netflix?

Stranger Things Season 2 Netflix Netflix (c)
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When Steve goes for dinner with Nancy and Barb's parents, he wears a very specific outfit. But what Tom Cruise movie is he paying homage to with his choice?

Stranger Things Season 2 Steve and Nancy Dinner Netflix (c)
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What iconic horror movie did the Duffer's ask Warner Bros. if they could remake, only to be turned down?

Duffer Brothers
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A Stranger Things Quiz to Turn Your World Upside Down
Friends Don't Lie
Friends don't lie, so why did you try to tell us you knew everything about Stranger Things?
Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.
... and you need to contemplate watching Stranger Things again to improve your knowledge!
Sometimes, your total obliviousness just blows my mind!
Tell us we're wrong?
I'm stealthy, like a Ninja!
You're a pretty good casual fan, but you've some way to go to be one of the real Party members!
It's finger lickin' good!
Spend a little less time eating KFC with Barb's mom and you might just be good enough to ace this quiz!
Nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world!
And you certainly ain't normal!
You are bitchin'! We'd definitely let you join our party!



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