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101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 19

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Hello once again Grapple fans. Our journey is almost complete and what a ride it has been. Lets now highlight entries 10-6.


10. WWE SummerSlam (1991)


During this period WWE was still riding high with momentum throughout the wrestling world and this hot night in New York in front of a wild crowd was another fantastic edition of the annual summertime classic. Bret Hart and Mr Perfect battled in an all-time classic for the IC title that still holds up well 28 years later. Big Boss Man and Mountie engage in an underrated corker and who could ever forget the moment Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth created the Match Made In Heaven. Great stuff!!!


9. WCW Great American Bash (1989)


Heralded still to this day as one of the finest wrestling PPVs of the 80s, this night provided much entertainment for all tastes of wrestling fans. Whether it was Brian Pillman wowing the crowd with his ahead of his time offence, Sting continuing to blossom into the Icon her later became or Ric Flair vs Terry Funk in an all-out war of attrition, fans here will definitely have their thirsts quenched.


8. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 7 (2013)


NJPW’s version of WrestleMania would once again deliver the goods here in front of a wild crowd, as always, at the Tokyo Dome in 2013. Each man on the roster came with their working boots on with the main event of Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP title ranking up there as one of the finest matches in NJPW history. If you have never watched an NJPW show, this would be a tremendous place to start.


7. CZW Best of the Best (2002)


Independent wrestling was really thriving during this period in North America and in many ways this was the show where fans of a more ‘pure’ style of wrestling started to take notice of CZW. Indy alumni such as the late Trent Acid, B-Boy, Ruckus and our very own Jodie Fleisch staged a memorable night of action. Seek this out and see for yourself.


6. WWE Survivor Series (1992)


WWE was going through a transitional period as the event drew close with more emphasis being placed on the ‘smaller’ look in stars due to the steroid trial what was looming around this time. The show itself is a hidden gem in many ways with two matches in particular standing out. The team of Ric Flair and Razor Ramon battle the team of Mr Perfect and Randy Savage in a very competitive tussle. The main event of Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels for the WWE title is an instant classic that deserves more credit than it receives.


There we have it folks, next time will be 6-1 and we are complete. One final time we say thank you and see you next time!


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