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Skelly Selest
Release 24/05/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Hell is full and ready to storm heavens gates. So, being the divine skeletal vessel you are, your mission is to smite the hellions where they stand and keep the order on earth and in heaven. Anthony Case developed this action/arcade game and it was published by our friends at Digerati. Let’s get to hell and talk about Skelly Selest.

The tutorial is always a good start and you learn that melee kills replenish bullets. Following the tutorial option is a mix of the first mission, custom areas that show scores, allow for character customizations and more. Blessed gifts are unlocked and given in between levels with weird explanations. They aren’t difficult to understand but read odd. Best bet is to choose a different upgrade each time to really understand the use. Killing special enemies will unlock different heads that will automatically attached to your character. I just unlocked a duck head. Technically the game calls them hats so I’ll refer to them as such from now on.

Quick restarts are nice for when you’ve found yourself in a bind. Main gameplay is your character in an area that gets surrounded by waves of enemies. Use the dash button to run away from a hoard of baddies, that comes in handy. Each game-over reveals a red hand that snatches your character and I’m guessing, takes you deeper into hell. Pretty cool animation to end a run. Your final score is shown as well as a placement of your vessel and overall plays which is cool. This is referring to a personalised scoreboard of your runs. Make it the furthest of all and it will say first place. Press pause at the end of each run to view options and title screen.

The levels change in colour and size, enemies have different attacks and looks, all of which are welcomed ways to bring variety to the game. Overall the game is simple and straight forward, kill waves of baddies. Here and there you will be taken to more of a dungeon-like area, maybe you’ll get lucky and taken to a spot that was empty for me but for you it may hold treasures? Just put on the Santa head and lay your blade into your enemies.

There is a weird place to make an offering to huge ogre or devil looking baddie taking a soak. You can offer your upgrades to the beast in hopes of something happening but you’ll be sad to give it the only upgrade in your storage to get nothing in return. Not even an explanation or a callback. I also found a few weird areas I was taken to giving more rooms and waves of bad guys, as well as some treasure chests. The game would be a lot more fun if those twists and turns were the majority of play but sadly it’s not.

It’s funny that you can knock the block off bad guys and they run around headless. Don’t wait at the gates to pulverise them before being released or you may get shot at from off screen which is cheap. I also hate when an item pops up with an explanation I can’t read as I’m hacking and shooting wave after wave of bad dudes. I just turned into a potato. I’m unlocking loads of different hats for my character. I’ve just entered the “Dank Crypts”. Plenty of weird or funny names and references in Skelly Selest. I think the Scream mask has become my favourite hat.

The combat is slow and wonky which is the most irritating part of the game. Enemies start their attack before your character can finish an axe swing. Now mind the enemies popping up behind you plus the swarming and the odds begin to stack against you. The diagonal shooting is awkward because your character must be moving in that direction or stopped from moving to shoot that way. I wish it would have been twin-stick controls. I also had an issue with enemies diagonal axe swipes that didn’t look near me.


Final Words:

Combat and gameplay are built around running away from or hitting your enemies head-on. The axe swing is slow and enemies swarm. Looks pretty sweet but doesn’t feel good. The gameplay is cheap but with some improvements, it could be a good game.



TBG Score: 5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 24/05/2019
No. of Players: 1
File Size: 94 MB
Category: Shooter, Action, Arcade
Developer: Anthony Case
Publisher: Digerati
Twitter: @DigeratiDM
Download link: eShop


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