Doom – TV Series Based on the Real Story Behind the Game in Development

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Someone has opened the gates of Hell, and Doom has been unleashed – at least into the realm of television, according to various stories coming out this weekend.

Brothers Dave and James Franco are set to develop a pilot for a new TV show based on the 2003 best selling book Masters of Doom, which recounts the story of id Software co-founders John Carmack and John Romero, who went from being better friends to bitter enemies after creating the greatest first-person-shooter of all time: Doom.

The show will take on the same name as the David Kushner book, will feature a script by Tom Bissel (Arkham Origins) and will be presented in as an anthology series.

No further details are available at this time. We just hope there’s an FPS sequence somewhere in the pilot, just like this one:


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