101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 15


We are on the verge of another Boom period for this great sport we all know and love. Let us keep you looking back from events of years past.


30. WCW The Great American Bash (1997)


When we look back at 1997 and the rivalries that were standouts, one that demands attention was the almost year-long feud between Randy Savage and DDP. Their second PPV clash main evented the 1997 edition of the Bash and they absolutely tore the house down. DDP became a serious player during this time and the Macho Man once again silenced critics with his dynamic performance here. Other notable performances are on display from names such as Chris Benoit, Ultimo Dragon and Ric Flair.


29. NXT Takeover: New Orleans (2018)


Mania weekend has become the time where NXT fans salivate knowing they are likely to be witnessing incredible action from top to bottom. One of the very best and most critically acclaimed shows in all of WWE over the last 20 years, it was a flawless night of action. Whether it was the opening six man ladder match for the newly created NXT North American Title or the show closing war of attrition between Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, this event is worth watching or rewatching on the WWE Network.


28. ECW Hardcore Heaven (1999)


1999 was the year the cracks began to show for ECW but when it came to Supercards and PPVS, they truly were untouchable in North America. Far from the best ECW PPV of all time but when compared to what WWE and WCW were churning out at the time, this event definitely deserves your attention. Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn for the TV title was another memorising entry into their series of wars and choice performances from Super Crazy, Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer provide much entertainment in front of a rabid New York crowd.


27. OVW Christmas Chaos (2001)


During a time when the future stars of WWE were plying their craft in Louisville, Kentucky deep in the south of the USA, this event gave the world a glimpse into the future. Revered as one of the best OVW shows during their stint as a developmental system to the folks above, names such as Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Batista, Shelton Benjamin and Eugene are on display here. Combined with appearances from Steve Austin, Big Show and Jim Ross, this was a hell of a night of wrestling. It can be found out there on the internet so should you find it, it’s worth a viewing.


26. Brian Pillman Memorial Show (2000)


From 1998 to 2001 a special tribute show was held in Ohio in memory of the late, great Pillman to raise money for this family and charity. The 2000 edition of the show is regarded as the best of the four and was best remembered for the classic encounter between Chris Benoit and William Regal. Also featuring stirring encounters such as Justin Credible vs Raven for the ECW title and the team of D-Lo Brown and Eddy Guerrero vs Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko. Look hard enough and you will find this show, you’ll be glad you did.


Next week it will be entries 25-21. Cheerio!



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