101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 14


The industry is going through so many changes at the moment and right now truly is the best time to be a fan since the days of those fabled wars that took place every Monday night. Let’s continue our journey down memory lane.


35. AEW Double or Nothing (2019)


Yes, we know this PPV only happened under a week ago but it was indeed a game-changing night of professional wrestling action. From top to bottom the card had a tremendous mix of action to satisfy any and all needs grapple fans have. If you have already seen it then you know what we mean. If you still haven’t, make it a priority to check it out. Check out our recap if you need further inspiration.


34. CZW Cage of Death (2003)


For a promotion that has built its legacy on UltraViolent wrestling, it was during 2002-2004 that they were also churning out some quality wrestling with stellar lineups to try and compete with Ring Of Honor. Yes, they were in competition for a short time. A quality card of action was seen here as along with the insane multi-man COD main event, stars such as Jimmy Rave, Dan Maff, Ruckus and Sonjay Dutt provided much to be happy about on the undercard. Worth a view here folks.


33. WWE In Your House 14: Revenge of the ‘Taker (1997)


Following what was viewed as a poor WrestleMania the month before, WWE staged a fantastic night of action here in front of a vocal crowd throughout the night. The double main event of Undertaker vs Mankind for the WWE title and Bret Hart vs Steve Austin delivers in a big way with all 4 men showing why it would only be a matter of time before the ratings on Monday nights would not be as one-sided as months prior.


32. WCW Bash at the Beach (1994)


This was the night where Eric Bischoff would see if his huge gamble on bringing in Hulk Hogan would change the fortunes for WCW. Whilst it may have taken two years for the gamble to pay off, it was on this night where WCW took it’s first step to becoming a genuine force in the world of wrestling. Along with a very underrated Hogan vs Ric Flair WCW title match, great performances by Vader, Steve Austin and, in what would be his final match in WCW, Ricky Steamboat carry what was an eventful undercard. Underrated show here from the good folks down in Atlanta.


31. TNA PPV Week 2 (2002)


Included here for the main event as it was not only a hell of a match but would set the stage for a division that for the next 3-4 years would be the big selling point for the company. Of course, we are talking about the X division. On this night veterans Jerry Lynn and Psychosis shared the ring with, at the time, unknowns Lowki and AJ Styles. The match to crown the first X champion was a breathtaking display of innovation and intensity and was the night AJ Styles began his ‘Phenomenal Journey’ into wrestling infamy.


Next week we cover entries 30-26. The end is getting ever so close now!!!



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