Tell Me Again How You Hated ‘Game of Thrones’, Please

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Tell me again how you hated season 8 of Game of Thrones, please.

I’m serious. All I’ve heard from friends, family, and folks online is how poor the final season has been. I find this strange because I’ve really enjoyed it, but hey, that’s just life right? Different strokes for different folks, and all that jazz? I’m down with some healthy debate about why you like something that I don’t, and if you can convince me otherwise then BINGO, great for you, great for me and great for the wider community of fandoms. If, after we’ve talked, I still don’t like your favourite show, then too bad. At least you tried, right? And at least I gave it a fair crack of the whip.

Now, the reason I’ve decided to write this quick piece is not to grumble about the hate GOT has been given this year, but rather because of the sheer insanity of people legitimately trying to get the entire final season remade! If you’re wondering what the Hell I’m talking about, there has been several petitions floating around social media sites over the last few weeks asking for signatures to get the writers of the show thrown out and new ones brought in to completely rewrite everything. Then, presumably, the cast would need to come back and reshoot every scene, every battle, and every death because some guy named Dave didn’t like the way the show was going with the conclusion of its story.

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Would you ask JK Rowling to rewrite The Deathly Hollows because you thought Harry should have ended up with Hermione? Or Marvel because your favourite Avenger didn’t come back from the Thanos finger snap? If the answer is yes, and you’re willing to try and get an entire fandom to sign a petition about it, even though there is absolutely no way anyone will ever take it seriously, then you’re probably the kind of toxic fan that makes visiting places like Twitter such a chore these days.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being unhappy with the way your favourite TV show, or movie, or book turns out, especially when you’ve invested your time and money into it. There is also absolutely nothing wrong with feeling like you have the right to challenge the people making some of these decisions because you’ve become so emotionally invested in something that it feels very personal to you. What is wrong though is throwing your toys out of the pram just because things didn’t go your way. It is not OK to write hateful and abusive things on the internet about the people involved in making the decisions you don’t like, or their families for that matter.


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Recently, Sony announced that they would be delaying the release of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie to allow the creative team enough time to “fix” the Sonic design. I’ll be honest – when I saw how Sonic looked I wasn’t happy. I even made a couple of silly memes about it. But for a lot of other people, this was an automatic sign that the movie would tank, and there was no way they would go and watch it. Is that reasonable? Isn’t there a chance the movie might be EXACTLY the same after the “fix” is complete, despite the character design? Seeing the writing on the wall, Sony clearly wanted to right this wrong to ensure all the money they’ve invested in what they hope will be a new movie franchise, does not go the way of other video game adaptations.

Don’t be fooled, Sony are protecting their investment, not embracing the wishes of the fans – but in doing so, and giving the impression that they are doing this for us, they are setting a dangerous precedent – one in which people will truly believe that there little online petition can convince a broadcaster like HBO to write off the $15 million they’ve just spent on each episode, and give everyone the ending they wanted – and don’t worry if it’s not the ending YOU wanted, because you can always start another petition, right?


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