WWE: Money In The Bank 2019 Preview

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Over the years this PPV has become one of the most anticipated events on the wrestling calendar. Despite the opinions of many regarding the current product, WWE have set up a cracking card of action here that could very easily produce some match of the year contenders. With AEW about to launch, this could be the show that reignites the passions of the WWE Universe and we feel this could be a night to remember! With that, let’s see what’s in store on PPV this Sunday night.



Kick off Show: Smackdown Tag Titles – Daniel Bryan/Rowan vs The Usos

With the introduction of the new ‘Wild Card Rule’ on Monday and Tuesday nights, the brand extension is in a state of turmoil right now, as evident by this match, Having said that, this could potentially steal the show as all four men, Yes Rowan included!, are in the form of their respective careers right now and if ever there was a match to set the tone for the evening. this is undoubtedly it!

Prediction:  The save the world loving champions have injected some badly need life into the blue brands’ tag division since winning the titles so a title retention seems to be likely here.


Cruiserweight Title: Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari

Very little hype has been put into this match, no surprise there for the poor folks on the purple brand, as the title reign for Nese so far has sadly gone unnoticed and poorly underappreciated. This one will either be an exciting affair or a run of the mill card filler. Just writing that is a shame as the stars of 205 Live still do not receive the recognition they deserve. Maybe we should start reviewing the show each week?

Prediction: Nese to retain here. An extended reign could be on the cards until a serious threat comes along. Are you listening all of you down in NXT and NXT UK!?!?


Roman Reigns vs Elias

It has been fantastic having ‘The Big Dog’ back on our screens and his incredible presence has been a much-needed boost for WWE. Elias continues to improve in the ring and has really settled into his role on the main roster over the last 12 months. Few are giving this match a chance from a work rate standpoint but this one could be the surprise of the night.

Prediction: A win for Elias would do wonders for him but a strong performance in defeat would not hurt him at all. We see a win for Reigns here on route to his return to main event status this summer.


Cage Match: The Miz vs Shane McMahon

Oh dear can this feud end already. This writer tries to still impartial as best as he can but for the sake of all of our sanity and patience, please be done with this and get Shane off of our TVs ASAP.

Prediction: The Miz wins the match and the feud. Let’s all move on with our lives!


Women’s Money In The Bank Match

So this one has us puzzled. In theory, any of the women involved could win this as all deserve a run with one of the Women’s titles. The now inclusion of Nikki Cross in place of an injured Alexa Bliss throws a spanner into the works as the crazy Scot may just surprise a lot of people.

Prediction: We have said before that Dana Brooke has improved leaps and bounds over the last 2 years and yet still does not get a look in on either brand. As much as we would like her to win this, our pick for this is Ember Moon. She is a marvel in the ring and could be the next legit main event female star.


Mens Money In The Bank Match

Match of the year candidate! Yes, on paper this has all the makings of being something special. Each man has a major shot at winning this as for someone like Ali it could be a star-making turn, whereas for someone like Randy Orton it could be one last major run on top as he slowly starts to slow down in his career. Highlight reel worthy stuff for sure here.

Prediction: We are split 50/50 here between Drew McIntyre and Andrade. Both men are on the cusp of greatness and both posses main event level abilities. We have to choose one you say? Ok, we are going with McIntyre. There we are, we cannot unsay it now!


US Title: Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio

After the short, and we mean short, affair the two had at Mania this year, surely this is the show where both men can stage an absolute belter. Clearly both in the twilight stages of their careers now, this has the potential to be a classic and leave the fans speechless. The addition of Reys son into the story could indicate that the feud could continue after this match.

Prediction: If the feud is going to progress here, logic would say Joe will retain here so that’s what we are going with.


Smackdown Womens Title: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

The latest chapter of this incredible feud could in fact be their final encounter for the foreseeable future and as much as we here love both stars, ending the issues between the two here would not be a bad thing, for a little while at least. Having set the standard so high in previous tussles, both women have a tall order in front of them.

Prediction: Lynch to retain here. The blue brand needs stability for its women’s title and Lynch is the obvious choice to bring that home for them here.


Raw Womens Title: Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans

That brings us to the case of the red brands women’s division. It pains us to say that we feel the double champ has already peaked in terms of popularity and appeal. Whether that is purely her fault or not is not for us to say, though we know many areas of the internet clearly like to voice their opinions. All we will say is we think Lynch could be risking that dreaded case of overexposure.

Prediction: For the sake of her continued run on top and fan appeal, the title maybe needs to switch to Evans here as she has become a must-see talent, enabling Lynch to focus on one show and one title.


WWE Title: Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens

The Kofi Kingston experiment may have already run its course. It happened organically and created some great moments on Smackdown Live. However, since his return to the roster from injury Kevin Owens has not really found his stride and has not been able to capture the heat and emotion he had during his reign as king of the red brand. All that aside, this should be a choice encounter.

Prediction: The champ to retain here. One cannot help but think that Kofi is keeping the title warm until someone decides to reclaim ‘His Yard’!


Universal Title: Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

One of the few dream matches out there at the moment in the WWE Universe that could occur is going to take place this Sunday. Epic. Amazing. Tremendous. These words and more could potentially describe what we will see on PPV between two of the best in the world. With enough time given, this one could go down as one of the best matches in WWE in years. That’s a testament to how good both champion and challenger really are.

Prediction: Rollins to retain. We do see a future title reign on Raw for Styles but after the work Rollins put in en route to the title, Rollins deserves a long, long run on top with the strap.


We will be back next week with a recap of the show. And no we do not see any cash-ins during the PPV. This writer has been wrong in the past though…


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