The Impossible Question: How To Get Through A Backlog

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Hey all, BookofComic here. We recently had an idea for an ongoing series of articles that we could do a write up on once a week. Clearing through a backlog seems to be a popular thing at the moment and not only did we want to jump on the bandwagon but we also wanted to do this as a way of getting back to our roots – playing and enjoying all of the wonderfully random games that may have fallen by the wayside.


Our Story

My Name is Simon and I buy games all the time and then never actually get round to playing them. I have just done a quick check through all my games on the various formats I own and the stats are horrifying!

  • Steam 1975 games
  • PS4 425 games
  • Xbox One/360 400 games
  • PS Vita about 200
  • Nintendo Switch 41

I have lost count on my PlayStation 3 titles as that user interface didn’t have a handy way of checking but with having subscribed to PlayStation Plus since the very beginning the total number is going to be up there with the rest. My vow to the readers is that I will spend time with a new game every week from my catalogue and endeavour to offer my opinion on some of the games you may have never heard of or the ones that simply didn’t get enough love. Maybe they were lost in the hustle and bustle of the storefronts that they were being sold on.

I think this will help me get out of my current gaming funk and also maybe turn some people onto new games that they wouldn’t ordinarily have given a second look. This first article is just to let you know that regularly a new review will be published across all the major platforms that I own, you may not like them all as may I but hopefully we may find some hidden gems. The first review will coming soon so keep your eyes peeled, it will be Binary Domain by Sega.



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