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Taika Waititi Will Definitely Make a ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Werewolves Spin-off Movie … Before He Dies

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Taika Waititi is a very busy boy these days. After spending years as the darling of the indie scene, his stock has skyrocketed largely thanks to being handpicked by Marvel to direct the genre-bending threequel Thor: Ragnarok.

Well now, just 24 hours after it was announced Waititi would be bringing his Akira movie to the big screen in 2021, the New Zealand native has finally given us an update on long-awaited What We Do in the Shadows follow-up We’re Wolves.

We’re Wolves would focus on the werewolf characters the movie’s vampires encounter part the way through What We Do in the Shadows, and would presumably star Rhys Darby, the leader of the pack in the original movie. Sadly, there is absolutely no other details at this time because, well, in the words of Taika himself the film will probably be made before we all die.

Yup – it’s a pretty gutting statement for those of us who’ve been waiting patiently for the spin-off to emerge, but apparently it’s just not going to happen any time soon. Speaking at a panel held at this years Emmy event, Waititi had this to say about the project:

We’re Wolves is the film that [co-writer/director] Jemaine [Clement] and I keep pretending that we’re making, Every couple of years we say, we’re making this new film called ‘We’re Wolves,’ which follows the werewolves from the film. I feel bad to even mention it now because we keep saying it, [but] it’s like a dad saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll be home for Christmas.’ It’s not like we don’t want to come home for Christmas. We would like nothing more but we have a lot of shit going on.”

The shit he has going on includes his upcoming Hitler Youth comedy Jojo Rabit, the aforementioned Akira live-action movie, and a guest spot directing at least one episode of The Mandalorian for Disney. So we guess he can be forgiven, the bastard!

Oops sorry, forgot the first rule – we’re werewolves NOT swearwolves!


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