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Rollin’ Eggz – Nintendo Switch Review

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Rollin’ Eggz
Release 26/04/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided


Rollin’ Eggz is an eye-pleasing yet simple arcade puzzler for the whole family. Taking the role of an anthropomorphic Fox, Dog or Pig you must collect as many eggs as you can which a selection of pleasantly plump chickens are squeezing out at progressively high speeds. Quicks the word and sharps the action as you utilise a selection of power-ups to keep your three lives intact in your quest for the highest score.


Three game modes are on offer with each having an Easy or Challenging setting. All three are pretty similar but differ slightly in execution.

  • Rolling – has you collecting eggs from four chickens, two placed either side of you.
  • Raining – has five chickens above you, this mode also allows you to use L and R to move quickly to the far left and right respectively and up on the D-pad to move to the centre.
  • Rainbow – is the same layout as Rolling but this time the Chicken’s lay different coloured egg’s and you must catch the corresponding colour that appears on the dial.


White Egg’s grant you a point, Rotten eggs deduct a heart so you will want to avoid these, Gold Eggs provide three points and restore a heart, Bombs (yes they lay them) will clear all egg’s on the screen but grant no points and finally Flash Egg’s will speed things up for a few seconds, this is handy in the early going as the game is tediously slow until your points start getting into the 200 range.


As well as the various egg’s there are two power-ups, if a snail appears on screen you can activate him with X to slow things down or use the Ladybug ability with Y to have the chickens only lay Gold and Rotten eggs for a short time. These abilities respawn at a generous rate so don’t be shy in using them.


Although the gameplay is simple, and the challenge does increase when things start speeding up the overall experience is lacklustre and forgettable after a couple of rounds. It’s nice to see a selection of game modes but they are just all too similar to each other to really stand apart or add true variety to the experience. Other than getting high scores there is nothing else to work towards, you start the game as Philip the Fox and can unlock Terry the Dog and Maggie the Pig with some in-game currency, but you will have earned enough for both after a couple of decent rounds leaving nothing more. All three characters are cosmetic only and add nothing different to the gameplay experience rendering the unlocking almost unnecessary unless you really want to catch eggs as a Dog dressed in dungarees.


Credit where it’s due for presentation, the hand-drawn art style is clear, colourful and charming. The menu system is colourful and clear and there are several short music tracks that loop throughout gameplay and suit the title well. Controls are responsive in their simplicity, I had no movement delay as things sped up which helped avoid the frustration of losing a life due to latency.


Final Words:

Games by their very nature are repetitive in one way or another, Rollin’ Eggz has great presentation and aiming for a family-friendly market is no bad thing. However, with such little variety on offer for both gameplay and progression and with no local multiplayer mode, it’s hard to see how even the youngest of gamers would spend more than a few rounds with this title before moving on. A simple adventure or challenge mode would have gone a long way to sealing the deal but this farmyard frolic just lacks any grunt.



TBG Score: 4/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch, Mobile
Release Date: 26/04/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Arcade Puzzle
Developer: SquareHeadGames
Publisher: GRIMTALIN
Twitter: @GrimTalin
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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