Movie Deal of the Week May 6th, 2019

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This week you can pick up the digital HD copy of Starship Troopers for the princely sum of £3.99. Check out the original trailer below:

A 1997 science fiction war movie from the same duo who brought us the seminal  1987 movie Robocop.  Director Paul Verhoeven and writer Ed Neumeier collaborate once again with what is essentially a cheesy action movie with some awful, albeit intentionally bad acting. With a satirical look upon war and fascism.

Whilst the dialogue is mostly terrible, the action and CG effects still stand the test of time some 22 years later. The HD version looks excellent and if you have a quality sound system I suggest you crank it up.

Mostly criticised on release, this underrated gem is almost on par with Robocop. If you haven’t seen it then you have done yourself a disservice, if you have, then it’s time for a repeat viewing.


Official Synopsis:

Acclaimed director Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, Basic Instinct) reunites with the creative team behind his hit RoboCop for Starship Troopers. This pulse-pounding adventure charts the lives of elite members of the Mobile Infantry, a corps of dedicated young men and women soldiers fighting side-by-side in the ultimate galactic war, the battle to save humankind. Their fight takes them to the outer reaches of the galaxy for an all-out war against the ultimate enemy – giant alien insects. These creatures are mysterious and incredibly powerful with only one mission – survival of their species, no matter what the human cost.

Release: July 1997
Genre: Action & Adventure
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Denise Richards, Neil Patrick Harris


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