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While down in Newquay I decided to have a little look in the arcades to see if there were any games worth playing or anything I’d never seen before. Turns out there was and so I made a point of having a go on them so I could write my thoughts, there were a couple I didn’t play though but watched other people on so I’ll start with them.


Guitar Hero Arcade (2009)


A cabinet with a plastic guitar attached, it’s played pretty much the same as the home versions. It’s made by Konami and apparently the tracklist is taken from songs that appeared in Guitar Hero 3. It didn’t seem to work very well though. A game like this needs you to appreciate and practice the songs but in the arcade you just play, it was so loud that this was pretty much impossible.



GRID: Arcade (2010)


This bad boy was made by Sega, who know a thing or two about arcade games. It seemed a lot more forgiving than the normal game, there was a couple of times when the guy crashed into other cars and still managed to win the race. It also seemed to take a little while to get through the menus to actually race. For your money you only get a single race which I don’t recall being a thing with driving games, historically you got a time limit which you could extend if you did well and would keep going until that expired, this new method seems a bit of a cash grab.



Now we move onto the games I actually played:


Rambo (2008)


Another Sega game and one that uses a light gun, though a machine gun variant. This was actually a lot of fun to play and it worked in actual footage and voice work from Rambo 3 which was a nice touch. The gun mechanics worked pretty well and it didn’t feel like it was too harsh in terms of the enemies messing you up. I wasn’t amazing at it but I did ok, enough that I would probably play it again give the opportunity.



Deadstorm Pirates (2009)


This Namco game is a sit-in cabinet a bit like the old Jurassic Park one by Sega years ago. It’s a bit frustrating as there are controls that it doesn’t educate you about until you need to actually use the bastard, the wheel being the case in point in this instance. It’s also weird being on a pirate ship and essentially having a machine gun to kill the enemies with. It’s an ok game but no more than that really.



House of the Dead 4 (2005)


Another Sega light gun game, the House of the Dead games always seem to have a different type of gun with this iteration using an Uzi. It’s fun but suffers visually for being on a pretty small cabinet compared to the other games on this list. The reload and evade mechanic requires you to shake the gun which is pretty inconvenient overall and has the added delight of making you look like a bit of a knob.



Transformers: Human Alliance (2013)


A sit-in cabinet from Sega this was a lot of fun, my main bitching point is that it uses the art style from the Michael Bay movies but that’s a standard gripe. It’s a fun game that doesn’t seem to be overly unfair and accuracy seems to be up there, the only real issue I had with it was that the force feedback on the gun was so strong that my hands started to hurt after a while.



Terminator Salvation (2010)


This is made by a company I’ve never even heard of called Play Mechanix which is obviously a concern. I’m pleased to announce it’s exactly as shit as you’d expect it to be, shite visuals and gameplay. It feels like a game that was purely meant as a 2 player experience and never changed for a single player which makes it unfairly difficult, especially when combined with targets that are stupidly small at times.



Batman (2013)


Developed by Specular Interactive this is a driving game where you get to select one of 10 different iterations of the Batmobile and drive around Gotham City shooting the hell out of cars and stopping criminals. I chose the Tumbler from the Bale films and actually quite enjoyed this, it was flawed in that there were points where the enemies could damage you but you couldn’t get at them but otherwise it was an entertaining distraction.



Cruis’n Blast (2017)


A driving game that’s published by Nintendo which initially appealed to me because of the absence of a brake pedal. I ballsed up my car choice by accidentally picking the Humvee but actually it was cracking fun. Colourful and easy to play and with obstacles like earthquakes and tornadoes mid-race to keep you on your toes. I managed to finish second which was pleasant but again 1 credit meant 1 race which is a bit shite.



While there were some fun games to play there was nothing massively up to date and definitely nothing that makes me think things have improved since the days of Sega Rally, Daytona and Time Crisis. To be honest I think if I wanted to spend a day playing arcade games that I’d be better off going to the Arcade Club in Bury (which is a fantastic day out), it’s cheaper and has a better selection of games to be played.

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  1. I played the Guitar Hero one once with my brother. We had to wait in a line and when we finally got up, we both bombed horribly because he had never actually played before. It was kind of embarrassing.

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