Ding Dong XL – Nintendo Switch Review

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Ding Dong XL
Release 22/04/2019
Switch version tested
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In the early years of electronic entertainment’s conception, only one game decided to utilise a limited amount of sprites to achieve a harmonious balance. Currently, there are some games that try to emulate Pong’s design (no, not Phong), but lack the mettle to harness it. Ding Dong XL strives to be that game, yet using an amphibian in its own take of the battles of circle and long square of yester console.


Ding Dong XL is just that. Moving a circle from one place to the next, which nets one or two points while one avoids various shapes. Quite straightforward until the power-ups are accounted for. XL’s name already is a dead giveaway for what’s expected. Ding Dong XL’s presentation feels akin to an 80s nightclub or Tron, with dance music to bring you back to modern times. From close calls to power up strikes, Ding Dong XL’s score system is pretty cool.


The lack of options allows quick play with yourself or a friend. Some other options are progression locked whereas passes are considered such currency. I’ve only gotten to 75 so it’s hard for me to necessarily judge what lies beneath the veil of 500 passes. An extra mode? More cosmetics? Ding Dong XL does not explain this as well as it probably should. Lack of leaderboard features and online play feels a bit, well… lacking. One false move and it’s over.



Final Words:

Ding Dong XL fires on only one cylinder for a Frogger update with a Pong feel.  Compared to other puzzlers within the genre, XL is very WYSIWYG in its’ approach and stifles because of it. Feels as if the only thing where it could possibly defeat other brain busters is the price tag. Alternatively, Tetris 99’s new mode is out for a bit more change and can satisfy online and off. Due to its’ nature, one can easily wonder what lies beyond the grind states, yet if only Ding Dong XL can grasp attention for that long.



TBG Score: 6/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 22/04/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Other, Action, Arcade
Publisher: Nickervision Studios
Website: www.nickervision.com
Twitter: @nickervision
Download link: eShop

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