Binary Domain – PC Review

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Binary Domain
Release 16/02/2012
PC version tested


Binary Domain - Gameplay Trailer (PS3, Xbox 360)

Binary Domain is a cover-based shooter that was released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and then subsequently made available on PC. Developed by Sega and ported to the PC by Devil’s Details. It was developed by the same team who created the fantastic Yakuza series.


The Story is set after most of the world is flooded due to global warming and is left uninhabitable. Since most of the people died after the mass flooding robots were created to be the leading labour force in the world. As with the usual humanity vs robotic world stories the superpowers of Earth have now put a ban on creating robots and androids that would pass for human beings. In some cases, these androids do not even know that they are artificial beings. These are known as “Hollow Children”.

After the backstory is told our adventure beings with a bombing that is carried out by one of the aforementioned Hollow Children. The target, the president of the USA. The Rust Crew, a gang of soldiers, are sent in to clean up. they specialise in sorting out all the mess made by the big corporations in the world. Binary Domain focuses on two main protagonists, Dan Marshall and Roy Boateng aka Big BO. You follow these two characters through much of the story which leads with a political intrigue storyline and takes you all the way through Japan in the process.

The game itself is a fairly standard cover-based shooter, think Gears of War, but with voice control added to allow for orders to be barked at your partners instead of waiting for their AI to catch up with you. Although, this feature is not very well implemented and as a result doesn’t work very well. Having said that this game is fantastic, ridiculous and importantly fun throughout. The story arc is exactly as you would expect and filled with sci-fi tropes that you will see coming a mile away but doesn’t detract from the fun you have while playing. The characters are again cookie cutter examples, nothing new, but all credit to the excellent development team for still making you care about them. The voice acting throughout and set pieces are superb.


Upon its initial release this game simply didn’t get enough love only selling a small amount but thankfully it has since gained somewhat of a cult following over the years. This game, much like Deadly Premonition, doesn’t look the best and you can feel that in the chunkiness of the characters and the way in which they interact with the world around them. It has that certain feeling most modern day games just don’t have and puts the feels into its frankly ridiculous story.


Final Words:

Binary Domain is a superb game that deserves way more love than it got originally. It was mostly ignored by the critics and it’s a real shame us gamers, for the most part, fell into this category. Overall a game worth trying if you can as it deserves more people to experience it. Hopefully one day we’ll see it on the current-gen consoles.



TBG Score: 7/10


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  1. Cheers for revisiting a game that I never felt got the love it deserved. While Binary Domain didn’t exactly innovate it was still a really solid shooter with quite a good storyline,. I also loved chipping away at the enemies, which at the time felt quite fresh.

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