WWE: Money In The Bank 2019 Recap


To say this was an eventful night would be a major understatement. Surprises galore that, as flipping usual, sent the people of the internet into meltdown and caused many unnecessary and pointless diatribes to fill our screens for 24 hours. So with that, let’s recap the key moments and happenings from what was a memorable evening in Hartford, Connecticut.


Hugs for all!

Bayley shocked the entire WWE Universe here with her triumph in the Women’s MITB match. In fairness to all eight Women, they all came with their working boots on and delivered a frantic and entertaining bout to start the PPV. Though there were some boos for the result, Bayley came out of this looking more motivated since her days in NXT. Standout performances here too for Nikki Cross and Ember Moon. Both of the prior mentioned Women continue to tilt on the cusp of greatness.


Here come’s the Ego

So once again we here try to remain impartial and try not to become just another set of whiners on the internet but…………Why must madness with Shane McMahon continue. The match was decent, thanks wholeheartedly to The Miz, but the finish was mind-boggling. To take so much punishment and then win without even coming across as hurt was very unsettling to watch again from McMahon Jr. Maybe we should just accept the fact that Shane O Mac is the grape that will never be squashed!


Becky 2 belts…minus 1

So we predicted ‘The Man’ would lose a title, just we picked the wrong one! Seeing here retain against Lacey Evans was a surprise, though Evans looked good in defeat and will no doubt raise the title one day. It was one thing to lose to Charlotte Flair but for Bayley to then cash in and retain was a genuine OMG moment and was very well received. The Women’s division has been given a much-needed refresh and boost.


Instant Classic

Could AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins live up to the hype and not fall into the trap of too much hype that occurred when Styles battled Shinsuke Nakamura, remember him? last year? The answer was yes. In an age where Dream Matches are few and far between, this match was incredible from start to finish as both men came with something to prove and set up potential rematches in the future. Worth watching people!


Suplexes and Money!!!

Yes it really happened. The ever polarising and controversial Brock Lesnar came and conquered Money In The Bank. This was the biggest shocker of 2019 so far for WWE fans and created a major amount of buzz, both good and bad. The match itself was a hell of a war with the initial seven stars before Lesnar came to join the fun. The aftermath of this has left a sour taste in the mouth of many fans and ‘experts’, and I use that term very loosely, worldwide. WWE now more than ever needs to create moments to hook the audience and whether fans like it or not, seeing Lesnar walk around with the briefcase has hooked them All In!


We will back next time in our show previews next week ahead of NXT Takeover 25!



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