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101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 13

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It’s that time once again grapple fans for the next edition of our countdown. Off we go…


40. WWE Royal Rumble (1995)


During what was heralded as a ‘dark time’ for WWE, this gem of a PPV has slipped under the radar for years as a quality event. Diesel and Bret Hart compete for the WWE title in one of the finest PPV matches of 1995 with both men once again showing off the fantastic chemistry they both had. Of course its the Rumble match itself that has the major talking points as Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith provide us with incredible performances, literally from start to finish. Watch this back now on the WWE Network. You really won’t be disappointed.


39. WCW Spring Stampede (1994)


April of every year from 1994, minus 1995, up until 2000 was always a PPV that WCW tended to load with quality matches and major storyline developments. The inaugural Stampede event was a tremendous night of action and one of the best wrestling shows of 1994. Featuring big marquee matches such as Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat and Sting vs Rick Rude, preceded by a superb undercard with the likes of Vader, Steve Austin and Cactus Jack, this show has something for everyone.


38. 1PW All or Nothing Weekend (2006)


Whispers of the relaunch of 1PW are making waves across the internet so we recommend what was another thrilling weekend of action back in March 2006 from the Doncaster Dome. Night one featured the one-night tournament to crown the first 1PW champion and was highlighted by amazing performances from AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and eventual champion Abyss. Night two featured ‘That Moment’ from Ulf Herman. Seek them out now!


37. ECW Born To Be Wired (1997)


Widely regarded as the most insane and brutal match in ECW history, this was the night that Sabu and Terry Funk but their bodies through torture of the most bloody kind in their epic Barbed Wire Ropes match for the ECW title. Whilst the undercard boasts some fine action, the main event is the big sell here. Head to the WWE Network and see for yourself.


36. ROH At Our Best (2004)


Coming off the heels of the well documented ‘Feinstein Scandal’ that made news all over the world, ROH knew they had to bring the attention back to the in-ring action and how sweet it was what they did give us. Matches such as Samoa Joe vs Jay Briscoe in a cage match, AJ Styles vs CM Punk and a red hot appearance from Dusty Rhodes, ROH gave fans yet another reason that night to love everything they were doing. Golden age of ROH here people!


Next week we feature numbers 35-31. Till then grapple fans we ask you one question. Are you watching Double or Nothing this weekend? Of course you are!


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