101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 11


The end truly is near! We are getting closer and closer to number 1. Off we go again…


50. ECW Heat Wave (1996)


1996 was the year that ECW had really established their reputation as a true alternative wrestling product for fans worldwide and on this night fans were treated to one of the greatest matches in the companies history. Battling for the TV title Shane Douglas, Pitbull 2, Chris Jericho and Too Cold Scorpio waged war in a mat classic that is always in contention amongst fans for best ECW match ever. Worth checking out.


49. ECW Living Dangerously (1999)


Sticking with ECW again here, the group staged the 1999 edition of this event for the second time in front of a rabid crowd in Asbury Park, New Jersey. At a time when the folks in New York and Atlanta were taking as much talent as they could, stellar performances from Taz, Sabu, Rob Van Dam. Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible reminded fans that no matter who was on the card, ECW could always deliver on PPV.


48. ROH One Year Anniversary (2003)



Only a year into its existence and ROH had become the standard bearer for wrestling in North America. The Elks Lodge in NYC, former stomping ground of ECW, yes them again, was sold out and created an atmosphere unlike no other. A ‘Riot’ featuring Homicide, Steve Corino and countless others is a highlight here as all in attendance weren’t quite sure if it was a shoot or not. Add in incredible performances from Paul London, AJ Styles, Lowki and Xavier and you have the makings of an epic night of action.


47. WWE WrestleMania 18 (2002)


Icon vs Icon. Legend vs Legend. Hogan vs Rock! Yes folks this was a one-match show plain and simple. The great thing about this was that technically it was a poor match but when you add in the back story and the incredibly vocal crowd in Toronto throughout the match, both stars attained everything from barely nothing. That children is pro wrestling psychology 101!


46. WWE Survivor Series (1996)


Was this show memorable for Bret Harts return after an 8 month sabbatical against Steve Austin? Maybe. Was this show memorable for the latest war between Mankind and The Undertaker? Perhaps. This writer believes that this show will be remembered for the sold-out MSG crowd brutally turning on then WWE champion Shawn Michaels on route to his title loss to the insanely over, at least that night, Sid! New York was definitely growing tired of HBK at this point.


Another 5 down folks. We are getting there. Don’t forget when we do reach number 1 we shall present 20 Honourable Mentions for shows that didn’t quite make the cut. Ta!


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