101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 10


It is hard to believe that we are already past the halfway point in our epic countdown of events. Once this feature concludes we have our next one waiting in the wings. That’s a way off though yet so let’s keep the focus here and continue now with entries 55-51.


55. 1PW Know Your Enemy Weekend (2006)


Hitting its peak in popularity in May 2006, 1PW presented a memorable weekend of wrestling action. Night one was highlighted by a tremendous, in the ring and on the mic, altercation between Steve Corino and Christian Cage that had the near sold out Doncaster Dome in awe. Night two was the emotional 3-way dance for the 1PW title as Abyss, Cage and Corino waged war in a bout still fondly remembered by 1PW fans. This writer can also be seen going crazy at ringside for the finish and was even seen to be reduced to tears. That is how much this writer was drawn into what he was witnessing!


54. NJPW Super J Cup (1994)


During a time when Junior heavyweights had to turn to promotions like NJPW to ply their craft, this night went down in history as one the greatest nights of wrestling ever and was seen as a major turning point in allowing names like Jushin Liger, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero to make the leap into the American mainstream wrestling scene. ‘That Meltzer Guy’ at the time named this as the best wrestling card ever. Even now it is hard to disagree with that notion! Highly recommended!!


53. WCW Wrestle War (1992)


Dusty Rhodes’s greatest creation hit it’s peak here as perhaps maybe the greatest War Games Match ever occurred on this night as The Dangerous Alliance and Sting’s Squadron pounded the tar out of each other in one of the most violent and compelling cage matches you will ever have the privilege to enjoy. With excellent performances elsewhere from the likes of The Steiner Brothers, Tatsumi Fujinami and Brian Pillman, WCW was way ahead of WWE on PPV during this time. Make a point of enjoying this on the WWE Network.


52. ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed (1994)


Paul Heyman knew that it was all or nothing for this event. Would a relatively new concept work in front of those rabid ECW Arena fans and help establish them as a true alternative or crash and burn quicker than a Big Show Face turn? One hour later and the masses were standing for the effort that Sabu, Shane Douglas and Terry Funk had made in a 3-way dance, which in 1994 truly was a novelty. Epic from start to finish, this was the night ECW did indeed cross the line and arrive in Extreme fashion!


51. NOAH Navigate For Evolution Tag 9 (2003)


Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa may be the greatest ever rivalry in Japanese wrestling history, some say in wrestling history period. Their battles were show-stopping and on this night there was no doubt that these two legends were in a class of their own. Considered a one-match show for the story leading into the match and the in-ring action itself, this show is included for the history of both men’s storied rivalry.


Look at that, a selection of shows and none of them were WWE!! It can be done folks!!! Next time we spotlight entries 50-46. The end is near…



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