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Wargroove – Nintendo Switch Review

Reading Time ~ 3 minutes

Release 01/02/2019
Switch version tested


What does a strategic battleground, a dog with his own bodyguards, a queen with her own undead rival, a dead king with secrets, and an American anime-esque intro have in common? Chucklefish found out with Wargroove – a turn-based strategy RPG with a heart of gold and 16 bits of swordplay. In the realm of the numberless specs, where does Chucklefish’s attempt stand?


After King Mercival II expires, his daughter is entrusted with the safety of the land as its new Queen has taken the throne. Her reign is cut short by the force of her father’s assassins – Felheim – who decide to drive her out of Cherrystone, with a more menacing force at work and secrets spread around. In several twists and turns, Wargroove’s plot is a little predictable, but a ride to still intake with characters switching narratives.

Aurania’s look is definitely one for its high goals. 16-bit on some things, more or less. Vivid more times than its inspiration, Wargroove is no slouch to its own vision. As the battles rage on, with attacks taking things to a more lively situation, Wargroove becomes an Intelligent Systems masterpiece with more confidence in its presentation. Vanquishing a foe’s unit is a nice touch for what it tries to convey. Its’ dialogue is more to modern interpretation than to Thor language. Light-hearted references are littered in its’ wake.

The battles are done through a grid land, with a bit of rock-paper-scissors combat similar to Advance Wars or Fire Emblem. Units represent several miniature units. These are preordained and can be bought by capturing bases and towns. The enemy is at equal strength in this regard, with their commander powers to officiate themselves. The AI is literally ready to predict moves with its own countermeasures.

Outside of the main story, WarGroove has more options available. Arcade and custom campaigns are a thing, with the former covering pretty much the Commanders regardless of position. The level editor and campaign editor are vast in options. The unlockables are many, also. Cross-play is offered between Switch, PC, and Xbox versions.

It’s hard to fault Wargroove. Its’ battles can slow down due to the UI’s cunning. Fights can be used over to its limit while the enemy attempts its’ own Cobra Commander impression. Go aggressive, or run, they go. My biggest gripe would be the lack of choice of leaders. These are preordained. I’d so not choose Caeser for matches even if he’s cute. Story-wise, Wargroove’s shallow in several recounts.


Final Words:

Wargroove’s definitely a close call to the Wars as we can get. As its demeanour means enough to overlook its charm, Groove does its’ job. Enjoyed as either a portable romp or a fleshed out turn-based strategy title, Wargroove is ready to duke it out with its’ predecessors, one battle and tile at a time.



TBG Score: 9/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 01/02/2019
No. of Players: 1-4
Category: Turn Based Strategy
Publisher: Chucklefish Games
Website: www.wargroove.com
Twitter: @WargrooveGame
Download link: eShop

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