Masterly Mayhem in Hyrule [Part 2]

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During a rather hectic month of March, I found my time with the Master Mode on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be limited. The constant need to evaluate and re-evaluate my every move meant that progress in-game was slow, and unfortunately, adult life didn’t afford me the time that the Master Mode both needed and deserved. Not one to be without my dose of Zelda, I embarked on the Champions Ballad as part of the additional DLC.



The Expansion Pass grants access to downloadable content for the game plus three new Treasure Chests will appear in the game’s Great Plateau area. One of these Treasure Chests will contain a shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo which Link can wear during his adventure, exclusive to the Expansion Pass. The other two Treasure Chests will deliver useful items.

The first content pack will include the addition of a Cave of Trials challenge, a new hard mode and a new feature for the in-game map.

The second content pack adds new challenges that will let players enjoy a new dungeon and a new original story.

The world of Hyrule which we created for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so large and vibrant that we wanted to offer more for players to experience within it,” said Nintendo developer Eiji Aonuma, the long-time producer of the series. “With this new Expansion Pass, we hope that fans will play, explore and enjoy the game even more.”

  • Expansion Pass Bonus – 3 Treasure Chests
  • DLC Pack 1 – Adds Cave of Trials, Hard Mode & New Map Feature
  • DLC Pack 2 – New Original Story, New Dungeon, Additional Challenges


Composed of four parts, each consisting of three trials and a subsequent three shrines, I was thoroughly engaged from the start to the incredibly challenging finish. Once the three shrines in each section are complete, you then return to the Divine Beasts to defeat the original bosses with a limited selection of resources. The Champions Ballad then culminates in a boss battle which I highly recommend to anyone in love with the Breath of the Wild, and equally, to anyone who isn’t!

Not wanting to spoil it for anyone who is going to partake in what has proven to be one of my favourite segments of gameplay in a game, perhaps ever, I have chosen to share some screenshots from my journey. If my adoring words are not enough to convince you it is worthy of your time, then maybe these shots will be.

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