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Iron Snout – Nintendo Switch Review

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Iron Snout
Release 19/04/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

SnoutUp Games and Ratalaika Games look to bring home the bacon with a console port of Iron Snout, a simple yet addictive arcade fighter, but is this a sizzling success worthy of your coin or a flash in the pan with more fat than meat? Let’s take a look.


They call me Mister Pig!

Taking the role of a porky protagonist the premise is simple, fight off as many wolves as you can to set some high scores in a selection of game modes. Fixed to centre stage you are assaulted from each side by a range of splendidly attired wolves, all of which have various attack patterns, weapons and weaknesses. Most wolves will look to cut you a streaky one by wielding cleavers, swords, axe’s and more while others will have more inventive plans in mind from Elton John fan’s riding rockets at you to Miley Cyrus wrecking ball riders.

Luckily you are well trained with a trotter and using either the left analogue stick or face buttons you fight these pesky wolves off with an array of kicks, punches and uppercuts that seem random and mindless at first but soon start to show a level of strategy with surprising precision as you harness your inner Neo against these furry foes. Delivering a satisfying selection of combo’s and turning the wolf’s own attacks against them by snatching weapons from mid-air and deflecting projectiles like a Jedi or slinging blades like a Ninja soon becomes an engaging affair as the horde descends.


Four game modes are on offer, Classic see’s you face an endless wave of enemies with the goal to survive as long as you can, this is where most of your time will likely be spent if you have a competitive nature. 1 VS 100 is exactly as it sounds, against the clock you must survive 100 enemies, combos will reward you with time bonuses, defeating the 100 in the quickest time possible will be the driving force for replays. Sudden Death is like classic, but it will only take 1 hit to tenderise your rump into defeat. Local 2 player is also on offer and takes the form of a volleyball experience where you need to hit the ball over a line and hit the button behind your opponent. Like the campaign you are fixed to the spot apart for jump attacks will be the order of the day here.


There are three stages to unlock ranging through woodlands, suburbia and a pirate ship. Each location in classic mode will have almost appropriately themed wolves, suburbia, for example, has wolves dressed as Police, Skaters, Gents and Ladies (a nod to the big bad wolf dressing up as grandma perhaps?) which adds variety to the enemy designs allowing you to get used to what sort of attack and defences each enemy is packing with by just a glance. Some police carry nightsticks whereas others will carry riot shields, some wield multiple cleavers indicating they will throw one before moving in for the slaughter, she-wolf carries a clutch bag which can be knocked out of her hand, caught and thrown as can cleavers and knives so making use of each enemy for more than just a pounding is the key to surviving the longest. Stringing together haymakers, sweeps, launching an enemy into the air, catching its weapon, deflecting a projectile then finishing off the falling foe becomes pretty satisfying despite the cartoonish hand-drawn graphics and comedically basic sound design.

A selection of costumes are also available to unlock via defeating a certain number of enemies or killing a certain number with a specific weapon and so on, these are cosmetic only and add no stat benefit to fights but dressing a pig up as John Rambo or Chuck Norris is worth the price of admission all on its own!



Final Words:

Despite the cliché its safe to say this will be a marmite game for most due to the basic presentation and style. Players will either turn their snout up and trot off elsewhere or shake their udders in delight at its addictiveness. This reviewer fell into the latter, Iron Snout is one of those little gem’s that is just simple, addictive fun and despite early misgivings we soon found ourselves coming back to for that age-old “just one more round” which like it or hate it, is when you know a game has you. Not something you’ll likely sink lengthy sessions into but a great title to keep in your library for those short burst gaming sessions especially on Switch or Vita. It would be nice to of had some bigger challenges and more stages to unlock to add a bit more grunt to progression and longevity, despite that, Iron Snout is still a pig in hit!



TBG Score:7/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, X-Box One
Release Date: 19/04/2019
No. of Players: 1-2
Category: Arcade
Developer: SnoutUp Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Twitter: @Ratalaikgames
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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