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‘Grey’: Hellblazer Meets Harry Potter in Kenny McLellan’s Debut Comic Series

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If you’re looking for something to fill that Hagrid-sized hole in your heart since the Hogwarts Express buggered off into the distance and left us, then look no further than Grey, the fantastic new comic series from new kid on the block Kenny McLellan.

Set in a world where magic is a commodity, only one man can save the Earth from a messy end – an antisocial detective by the name of Nicolas Grey; and Harry Potter he ain’t! A tragic childhood mishap leaves Grey immune to the magic running through the very veins of the Earth and forces him to adapt to life as the one man on the planet unable to utilise the powers the rest of the world takes for granted. His mortality gives him a unique view of the world that enables him to carry out his work as a Detective, which in turn leads to his greatest case to date – solving the mysterious deaths of 15,000 men and women at the hands of a very gifted serial killer.

Grey - Nicholas Grey

This is McLellan’s first solo venture into creator-owned comics. Taking inspiration from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series of books, McLellan’s Grey is a melting pot of some of the finest fiction of the last few decades. Whether you’re into hardboiled detective shows like Broadchurch, or fantastic RPG’s like Final Fantasy VII, there really is something for everyone in this fascinating new adventure.

Artwork for the series has been provided by Phil Buckenham, with cover art by Gary Kelly (Neverending), and at times is spookily reminiscent of some of Dave Gibbons’ early art. In fact, the whole Grey experience gave us vibes of comic icon Alan Moore’s work, especially Hellblazer, and we don’t give compliments like that lightly. Nicholas Grey has a long way to go to be considered the next John Constantine but the character shows some early promise that has us excited.

Characters are believable yet magical, and the dialogue is very well written for a scribe who is really only just finding his feet for the first time with this project. So far we’ve only been given access to Chapter One of the series, but if what we’ve seen is anything to go by then we’re in for a Hell of an adventure going forwards, and the series is in very safe hands.

Grey - Panel Reveal 3

An official Grey comics series Kickstarter will launch on May 1st, 2019 with a number of rewards and incentives for investors including copies of the comic, stickers, prints, and other official Grey merchandise. Once fully funded, McLellan hopes his comic will be available to buy online and in-person from the man himself at conventions in a town near you.

We here at Two Beard Gaming are committed to supporting indie writers, artists, and developers, and hope to be able to bring you exclusive Grey content in the very near future. For now, though, you can check out all things Grey by visiting the official Facebook page and giving it a great big thumbs up.




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