101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 9

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We are at the halfway point in our list of grapple classics! Big thank you so far to all the support and kind words we have received on our epic journey. Let’s keep them coming…


60. WCW Fall Brawl (1996)


This was the year that WCW finally arrived in terms of global appeal, overall consistency and all of this is very evident here as the 1996 edition of this popular PPV really delivered the goods! Featuring an underrated cracker between Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio Jr vs Super Calo in an entertaining Cruiserweight title bout, Harlem Heat vs The Nasty Boys in a slow-burning corker for the tag titles and the massive War Games match between Team NWO and Team WCW/Horsemen. A quality event that is often overlooked.


59. ECW Guilty As Charged (1999)


During this time ECW were reaching out to new markets in the States. You could feel a change in the air during this show as it was headlined by the long-awaited ECW title match between then champion Shane Douglas and Taz, who was so over during this time it was hard to not place his popularity up against the big names of the time. The undercard featured some choice scraps too as Super Crazy and Yoshihiro Tajiri began their legendary rivalry, Sid, yes that Sid, showed up and massacred poor John Kronus and Rob Van Dam battled Lance Storm in a tremendous ECW TV title bout. Fantastic all around card!


58. TNA Turning Point (2005)


For the second year in a row TNA staged a fantastic edition of Turning Point and is still considered to be one of the promotions best PPVs in its history. The stand out matches here were the first ever TNA Barbed Wire Massacre match between Sabu and Abyss, Team 3D against AMW in a frantic elimination Tables match, Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles for the X Division title in what still may be their greatest match to date in their long-running series and a superb NWA title match between Jeff Jarrett and Rhino. Ah, those were the days weren’t they TNA fans?


57. ECWA Super 8 (2002)


Independent wrestling was on the cusp of a period of extended greatness at this time and this annual event was a platform in 2002 for future world champions and Indy darlings of that era. The 8 men competing in 2002 were AJ Styles, Donovan Morgan, Amazing Red, Bobby Roode, Xavier, Matt Stryker, Chad Collyer and Pepper Parks. The event is out there on DVD and the good ole world wide web. Seek this out, You will not be disappointed!


56. WWE Canadian Stampede (1997)


Deep in the heart of Canada, WWE staged a PPV so amazing that it’s still hard to believe it only had four matches on the card. Widely regarded as one of WWE’s greatest ever nights of PPV action, I am sure all long term fans are aware of this show. If not, check it out on the WWE network. Trust us when we say no card rundown is needed here!!!


Once again thank you to all who are supporting this venture and we will see you next time.



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