WrestleMania 35 – Breakdown & Recap


Have you all recovered yet and had a good nights sleep? At 7 and a half hours in total, this was the longest wrestling PPV of all time. One can argue that over 4 hours is long enough and with the crowd definitely feeling the fatigue as the night went one, we cannot take away the special feel of the event and what went down. So let’s now breakdown and recap the key moments and events that occurred this past Sunday from the sold-out MetLife Stadium.

  • Following the surprising but most welcome appearance of Hulk Hogan to kick off the PPV portion of the show, we saw Paul Heyman saunter to the ring and within minutes, we were watching the Universal title match between champion Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. A great story was told here from both men and say what you will about Lesnar, he gave Rollins the rub here cleanly as the new champion finally took his place as the new King of Monday nights.


  • In what was a throwback to matches of old, AJ Styles and Randy Orton put on the PPV battle reminiscent of what we would have seen in the late ’90s. By that we mean short but full of action that was enough to keep the crowd interested throughout. With the Superstar Shake Up looming, maybe its time to finally see AJ move to Raw and have fresh matches with the likes of Rollins, Elias and more.


  • The Doctor of Thuganomics will see you now! Yes for what may have been one night only, John Cena took us back in time with a true WrestleMania moment alongside Elias. Even all of the Cena haters were popping for this as his appearance felt like a special moment and proved that his presence will definitely be missed when he does indeed leave for good.


  • It felt like a throwback to 2005 when Triple H and Batista took to the ring one last time in their feud that has lasted the test of time. Whilst not as good as their battles from the past, the sight of these two WWE greats battling one more time at WrestleMania was something to behold as nostalgia was in the air here. The subsequent official retirement of Batista was not a surprise but one that has been appreciated by the WWE Universe and perhaps paves the way for a Hall Of Fame induction next year in Tampa.


  • KofiMania! Yep, the result here was never in doubt as the 80,000 plus inside the stadium erupted when Kofi Kingston pinned Daniel Bryan to become the WWE champion. Again, that is something this writer never thought we would write up! Deserving of a run on top is something fans have felt of a decade and when you look back at the reaction he received, it’s hard to really think otherwise.


  • History was being made in the Main event when Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair battled in the winner takes all triple threat match. Let’s look at this shall we? Did the match live up to the hype? Sadly not. Were the crowd burnt out by this point? Oh yes. Did the finish look a little ‘botched’? A little. That withstanding, it was a surreal sight to see Women main event Mania and it may be a sight that perhaps may never be repeated.


That’s WrestleMania weekend over for another year. One that was created to eliminate the concept of sleeping but one that once again gave wrestling fans moments they will never forget.



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