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A Robot Named Fight! – Steam Review


A Robot Named Fight!
Release 27/09/2017
Steam version tested
Review code provided


In a bleak future, lowly robots are left to their demise when a giant flesh monster known as Megabeast descends and releases its meat beast spawns to destroy everything in their paths. Here an automaton hero rises up to return order by splattering blood and gore using a randomised rotation of diverse weapons. A Robot Named Fight! is a roguelike 2D action adventure game that finds footing in the expanding genre by keeping each run fresh, fun, and covered in blood.

I played on my Mac using a PS4 controller, and the controls were straight forward. Moving left and right through a procedurally generated map, the game is focused on obtaining new items that bestow either a new weapon or power-up. New weapons are essential to progression, for example a door can only be opened with a flame-thrower, or a wall can only be bypassed by shrinking your size to fit in a tiny opening. Each run randomises the items that can be obtained and can determine how long a run you will be able to complete. Each run’s map is based around the items available, so you don’t have to worry about running to a dead end without a way to continue. When you die it’s permadeath, so no items or progress carry over to the next. You will have to start from the beginning and utilise the powers available to get all the way through.  

Attacks are fired from the character’s arm, similar to Megaman’s buster gun or Samus’s arm cannon (Metroid is a big inspiration here). Enemies can come from all directions so you will have to master jumping, ducking and shooting diagonally, which doesn’t always feel organic and can add to the challenge. Enemy attacks range widely as well as their design, with the deeper you find yourself on the map the more complex the enemies get. Occasionally you will stumble upon a boss, which will put your skills to the test. Be prepared to be frustrated when the time spent exploring the map and obtaining fun new items can be quickly wiped away if you get too careless.

Art and music pair very well. With the old school 8-bit style and mood-setting chiptune songs, it can at times feel like playing something out of the ’80s. Matt Bitner, the solo developer and publisher, paid attention to detail when creating this game. Backgrounds, enemies and music never feel repetitive, and each run feels fresh with the large collections of weapons and power-ups that provide additional interesting animations.

Tip: beware talking to the collapsed robot found at the beginning of each run, sometimes he’ll be bitter and ruin your run before it even begins.


Final Words:

A Robot Named Fight is for fans of Metroidvania games like Dead Cells or Hollow Knight. With a solid soundtrack and a fresh array of weaponry and power-ups, each run will feel new and exciting. Prepare for a challenge, and see how far you can get.



TBG Score: 8/10

genericspacerPlatform: Steam, Windows, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 27/09/2017
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Platformer
Publisher: Matt Bitner Games
Twitter: @robotnamedfight
Download link: Steamgenericspacer



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