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101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die – Part 8

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Off we go again grapple fans as we continue our countdown towards number 1 with entries 65-61. Once again folks remember this list is in no particular order.


65. 1PW A Cruel Twist Of Fate (2005)


Doncaster for several years became a wrestling haven for fans of a product aimed at ‘smart’ fans and hosted many a memorable night of action. The inaugural show by One Pro Wrestling most definitely set the standard for future events as the people behind 1PW pulled out all the stops with a 5 hour supercard featuring a who’s who of talent with names like AJ Styles, Abyss, Steve Corino, Al Snow, Jerry Lynn, Raven, The Sandman and many, many more. Included for the impact and change that the show and promotion brought to the UK scene, this is worth checking out for those reasons and more.


64. WWE SummerSlam (1997)


During a period where the WCW was winning that familiar War on Monday nights, this night was further proof that when it came to PPV, WWE was always way ahead of their counterparts from an in-ring aspect. Featuring several, continually overlooked gems such as Triple H vs Mankind in a cage, that match between Owen Hart and Steve Austin and a tremendous title match between then champion Undertaker and Bret Hart with Shawn Michaels as the special referee. It is easy to see why WWE would eventually reclaim its title as king of sports entertainment.


63. WWE Fully Loaded (2000)


2000 was the year WWE ran away with the victory in the battle for sports entertainment supremacy. The July 2000 PPV cemented WWE’s spot as lords of wrestling PPVs, The Rock vs Chris Benoit, Triple H vs Chris Jericho in a last man standing match. Kurt Angle vs Undertaker, when that is the triple main event of the show, need we really say anymore?


62. ROH Death Before DisHonor (2003)


Summer 2003 for ROH was all about one monumental feud, Raven vs CM Punk. Battling in various singles and tag matches, the dog collar match from this show is regarded as the best match from their epic series. Add in appearances from Tommy Dreamer during the match and a gripping ROH title main event classic between then champion Samoa Joe and Paul London (remember him?), during this period ROH truly were untouchable.


61. IWA Mid South Ted Petty Invitational (2003)


Annually hosted over two nights in Indiana the sold-out show treated the fans in attendance to one of the greatest and most star-studded tournaments in the history of pro wrestling. Every single entrant came to impress as the line up was a remarkable piece of booking. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Brian Danielson, CM Punk, Nigel McGuiness, Austin Aries, Petey Williams. That is just a taste of the impressive lineup. It can still be found on DVD if you look hard enough and it’s one we urge you seek out!


60-56. Those are the numbers coming up next time as we take steps closer to our endgame!!!


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