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Ask any Legend of Zelda fan and they’ll tell you that there’s something special about the music. I mean, most of the games are based around powerful musical instruments. Now take this and combine it with lo-fi hip-hop beats and you’ll get Zelda & Chill – an album by Mikel and GameChops that’s available to stream on Youtube.


The album spans across multiple Zelda titles, including Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild and Ocarina of Time, and creates a unique listening experience that will no doubt be put on repeat. Check out the track listing below:


  1. Fairy Fountain
  2. Dark World
  3. Lost Woods
  4. Song of Storms
  5. Minuet of Forest
  6. Gerudo Valley
  7. Oath to Order
  8. Dragon Roost Island
  9. Kakariko Village
  10. Ballad of the Goddess
  11. Breath of the Wild
  12. Hateno Village
  13. Legend of Zelda
  14. Ocarina of Time


Give it a listen here:

This has us even more excited for the upcoming Cadence of Hyrule headed for the Nintendo Switch spring 2019. Absolute Beard Score 10/10.

You can also purchase this great album in a number of physical editions from the official GameChops site.



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  1. Too bad it’s not on Vinyl.. be a GREAT item for Zelda fans and collectors. 😉 I have a pal who presses Vinyl here in Tampa, FL. I’d be a wise investment if ya ask me!

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