101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die! – Part 6


The countdown returns Grappling fans as numbers 75-71 are ready to be highlighted. We are now days away from the biggest weekend in the wrestling calendar so for number 75 let’s begin with a Mania from 2014!


75. WrestleMania 30 (2014)


Anticipation for the 2014 edition of Mania was as high as any from years before as the ‘Yes Movement’ was in full effect for the climax of Daniel Bryan’s quest for the, then known as, WWE World title. It was the night Bryan scored two big wins and had the sold-out crowd all throwing their hands in the air for came to be known as the ‘Miracle on Bourbon Street’. Along with those two matches, with the show opener against Triple H being severely overlooked, it was the night the ‘Steak’ was broken by the Mayor of Suplex City and the hair standing visual of Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and The Rock opening the show. For these moments alone, its a Mania that needs to be seen and appreciated.


74. WWE King Of The Ring (1996)


Quite possibly the most underrated KOTR event in its history, this PPV should be viewed for more than just the moment Steve Austin unleashed is own brand of Hell in the WWE with his memorable post-tournament winning acceptance speech. Some stellar matches were on display here as the soon to be king Steve Austin battled Marc Mero in one of the best WWE PPV matches from 1996, The Undertaker and Mankind waged war in the first of their legendary series of tussles and the main event for the WWE title so champion Shawn Michaels and the late, great Davey Boy Smith tear the house down in a thrilling encounter.


73. ROH Main Event Spectacles (2003)


Ring of Honor was around 18 months into their existence at the time of this event from Elizabeth, New Jersey and this night truly solidified their claim to be the best wrestling company in all of North America. Featuring an all-star lineup of talent, it truly was had to disagree with any claims they were making. Let’s see…AJ Styles vs Bryan Danielson, Homicide vs BJ Whitmer in an incredibly stiff bout and a four corner survival match between Samoa Joe, Steve Corino, CM Punk and Christopher Daniels. Need we really say any more?


72. WCW Halloween Havoc (1998)


The Monday Night Wars were at this point slowly becoming one-sided in the favour of the folks up north but on PPV, the line up for this event cannot be ignored and did feature some quality action along the way. With a full roster on hand and a solid undercard, the big boys then came out to play. Decent offerings were to be had in the form of Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall and Bret Hart vs Sting. The main event was the true match of the night as DDP challenged then WCW champion Goldberg in one the finest world title bouts in all of wrestling in 1998. Hulk Hogan vs The Warrior is worth sitting through for the comedy value!


71. NXT Takeover Dallas (2016)


Takeover has become the standard for which all WWE events should be measured against and the Dallas special that came on the weekend of WrestleMania 32 was one of the very best WWE produced events from 2016. Opening matches are always key to setting the tone and here saw American Alpha challenge then NXT tag champs The Revival in a cracking collision that had the sold-out fans in full voice. This was also the night that saw the NXT debut of Shinsuke Nakamura as he battled the then main roster bound Sami Zayn. One word comes to mind here………… Masterpiece! As close to perfection as you can get and with a white-hot crowd loving every second of it, this one truly needs to appreciated. The NXT title main event of then champion Finn Balor against Samoa Joe was excellent but fell short in the shadow of the previously mentioned encounter.


70-66 are our next collection of events to bring to you as we keep the countdown going. Once again if you agree or disagree or just plain love this feature let us know in the comments section. Take care grapple fans and see you all next time.



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