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My Horse Prince – iOS/Android Review

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My Horse Prince
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Do you love horses? How about anime? If you answered yes to both questions, you’ll be head over heels for your new romantic interest in My Horse Prince, which attaches a cute anime face to the body of a horse. Seems a little disturbing? Well, that’s because it is, but in the best way. Just one glance at the game and you’ll have a good idea what you’ll be getting into.

My Horse Prince is a mobile game for both iOS and Android platforms devolved by Usaya. The game follows a young professional who travels to a ranch to get away from the everyday stresses of work and to hopefully finally find love. Here is where she meets Yuuma, a horse with a human face that she just can’t help but start falling in love with. She quickly finds herself the new owner of Yuuma, even though reluctant at first, and begins to deepen their bond with one another while helping Yuuma train and prepare to be a great race steed.

The game is story driven, where each chapter puts you in a comical situation with Yuuma. To progress, you must strengthen your bond with the potential love interest. The dialogue is by far the best part of the game, as the characters are very much aware of how odd every situation is and love to chime in when given the chance. The point of each chapter is to fill up the relationship gauge by tapping items on the screen. The better Yuuma feels, the more points you get while tapping, which fills your gauge faster but also spends his energy. To get Yuuma’s energy to improve, you can talk to him 3 times per half hour. Each conversation will present three options, an excellent, good and bad response. Excellent increases his energy by 30%, good by 15%, and bad decreases by 15%. If you do pick a bad response, you can watch an in-game advert to rewind time and choose again. The correct answers aren’t always obvious, with some responses clearly geared to trick you into picking a bad response and forcing the player to watch another ad.

Ads are riddled in this game, like many mobile games. An ad banner appears at the bottom of the screen, an ad automatically plays after 3 conversations, an ad can be watched to get more conversations, an ad… well you get it. Of course, you can pay money to remove some of the advertisements, which is a cheap price to pay to make a “free” game more enjoyable. You’ll still have the options to watch advertisements in case you make a mistake while talking to Yuuma. I ended up paying the 0.99 cents to go ad-free, as the writing and dialogue kept me at least curious to see what happens next.

Altogether there are 13 chapters to the game. Each chapter has the same premise and gameplay, just it takes longer to fill the relationship gauge as you progress. You’ll be put in diverse situations that will definitely make you curious and ask, “what were the developers smoking to think of this?” If you enjoy how off-the-wall things get, I’d recommend also checking out Hatoful Boyfriend, an even better game about dating birds, with none of the annoyances of mobile games.


Final Words:

For fans of dating simulators that go from strange to weird, this game absolutely perfects that. With interesting dialogue tied with comedic finesse, you’ll want to see what the next chapter has in store. The gameplay is repetitive and dragged out, and harms the overall experience significantly. I’ll still be tapping away in my free time to see what Yuuma gets into next.



TBG Score: 7/10


Download: iTunes / Android

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