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Gun Media Bringing ‘Friday the 13th’ to Nintendo Switch, Spring 2019

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When it comes to Jason Voorhees one thing is for sure – just when you think that sucker is dead and buried he’ll always be back. The same could be said for Gun Media’s Friday the 13th The Game, which seemed deader than an over-sexed counsellor at Camp Crystal Lake. But despite lawsuits preventing the team from creating any new DLC, they have been allowed to finally bring their dream project across to the Nintendo Switch.

Friday the 13th: The Game was released on May 26th, 2017 to much fanfare. It was developed as a passion project by Randy Greenback and IllFonic, and had unprecedented support from fans when it launched on Kickstarter. But the success was shortlived after the project was plagued with glitches, bugs, and uproar from the people who had given the developers their own money to help make this dream a reality.

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The final nail in the Friday the 13th: The Game came when ownership of the Friday the 13th franchise and characters came into question, landing the devs in hot water if they ever dared to recreate another character, location or moment from any of the movies. With that announcement came the realisation that the project was probably dead, which is why it’s come as a huge surprise that Gun is soldiering on with porting the game to the Switch for a whole new, handheld experience, which will give a whole new feel to the game which casts players as either escaping counsellors or Jason himself in an ultimate game of cat and mouse.

It remains to be seen if anyone who spent money on the original release will be quite so willing to do the same again this time around. We just hope that this will be Gun’s second chance at making a first impression.

Friday the 13th: The Game – The Ultimate Slasher Switch Edition which includes all existing DLC except for Kickstarter-exclusive items, will be released this spring. Look out for our review in the near future.


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