101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die! – Part 4

Wrestling fans rejoice! We are back with another 5 shows you should check out on our countdown to number 1. Let’s keep the countdown going!


85. WWE WrestleMania 4 (1988)


Fresh from the historic edition of Main Event 2 months prior featuring the evil Hebner brothers, the WWE title was up for grabs for the first time in a one night tournament to crown a new champion. The word historic is used again. This was a landmark event for WWE as with the field being wide open and even though former champion Hulk Hogan was involved, there was a genuine sense of unpredictability throughout the event. Far from a pure wrestling masterpiece, this event is must-see for what WWE became and subsequently led to the following year.


84. ECW One Night Stand (2005)


Nostalgia was the theme of the night as for one night only, at least as initially planned, time was turned back as the Extreme alumni reminded the world of the impact they had on the business in the 90s and the influence it still has today in the current climate. Featuring a car crash special between the late Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka, the wild and roster-wide war between The Dudley Boyz and the ECW Iconic team of Sandman and Tommy Dreamer and the memorable ‘shoot’ promo from Paul Heyman, this PPV became an instant classic and one fans still go back and enjoy 14 years later.


83. FWA British Uprising (2002)


Could the Frontier Wrestling Alliance fill the famed York Hall in London with a card of unknown British stars and cult heroes at a time when the business in the UK was still on its ‘backside’? Damn straight they could. Still today one of the best top to bottom British cards ever produced, the 1000 plus crowd were on fire from start to finish. Whether it was Jerry Lynn vs Doug Williams, AJ Styles vs Jonny Storm, Ulf Herman vs Balls Mahoney or Flash Barker vs Jodie Fleisch for the FWA title in a ladder match, this was the night the world took notice of what wrestling in the UK could truly be. NXT UK you are very welcome!


82. WCW Nitro Episode 1 (1995)


The Monday night wars have been documented multiple times and it was on this night when wrestling as we know it changed forever. Could WCW compete with WWE head to head with the roster they had? Sting vs Ric Flair, Brian Pillman vs Jushin Liger and a shocking appearance from Lex Luger. All on free TV. Unheard of at the time and it set the tone for the next 5 and a half years for Monday night wrestling. Inside the Mall of America in Minnesota, everything about this night screamed unpredictable and for historical purposes is a definite must see!


81. WWE Royal Rumble (2001)


By this point the much-loved wars on a Monday night were as good as finished and WWE here proved why they were miles and miles ahead of WCW in every sense of the word. A strong undercard highlighted by a thrilling IC title ladder match between perennial foes Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, everything led to one of the best Rumble matches of all team featuring an all-star roster of talent. Almost at his peak as a performer, Steve Austin once again proved why he truly may go down in the history books as the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. Credit also to the performance of Kane in the Rumble match. Must see action here as the ‘Attitude era’ was on its way towards its final curtain call.


20 shows in now folks. Rest assured this countdown will continue to feature amazing action from all the big names we have come to know and love. Keep the comments and reactions coming as next time we spotlight numbers 80-76.


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