101 Wrestling Shows To Watch Before You Die! – Part 3

Hey, Hey, Hey! The countdown continues of our 101 shows to check out for Grapple fans. Remember these are in no particular order and should not be viewed as the ‘pinnacle’ of wrestling but more for what they contributed to the history of the sport we know and love. So let us begin once again.


90. All In (2018)


This was unquestionably the most anticipated event of 2018. Could Cody and The Young Bucks pull off such a show in front of over 10,000 white hot fans? The answer was Yes, Yes and Hell Yeah! Featuring the biggest NWA title match in decades with Cody and Nick Aldis, the incredible and rare US appearance of Okada and Chris Jericho popping up to continue his groundbreaking series with Kenny Omega, this event gave early life to what we now know as AEW and began a movement that could take Wrestling into its next Boom period that has seemingly been teased for the past Two Years!


89. WWE SummerSlam (2002)


From top to bottom this may have been the greatest SummerSlam of all time and featured an incredibly stacked line up. At a time when the first Brand Extension was in motion, both Raw and Smackdown had stellar rosters and this PPV was tremendous evidence of that. When a card has main event calibre matches such as Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio, Triple H vs Shawn Michaels and The Rock vs Brock Lesnar, its hard not to sit back and relax with such magnificence on display. This PPV still stands up against anything you will see today. Brilliant stuff.


88. WCW Bash At The Beach (1996)


So this event doesn’t really need much of a description. Granted from a pure wrestling standpoint it may not be viewed as a classic but for the whole atmosphere that was building all night, right up to the moment when Hulk Hogans appearances changed wrestling forever. Yes, I did say that. Such a moment needs to be seen and appreciated. Absolutely incredible!


87. SWAT Revival (2002)


Wrestling in the UK is flourishing right now and it’s incredible to see. NXT UK, Progress, ICW, Fight Club Pro, RPW. We could go on and on. In 2002 TalkSport and the gone but never forgotten FWA staged a show that helped set British wrestling back on the right track and build towards what we have today. Young stars like Doug Williams, Jonny Storm and Jodie Fleisch took centre stage amongst the likes of the late, great duo of Eddie Guerrero and Brian Christopher. Take time to seek out this event. It’s amazing to look back on and realise that the spotlight was always destined to once again shine on wrestling in the UK.


86. NJPW Dominion (2018)


NJPW has spent the last 5-10 years slowly rebuilding the incredible legacy that it built up during the 80s and 90s and this event here blew away even the most sceptical of critics. All night you could sense something special was in the air. Stars like Tanahashi, Neito, The Young Bucks and more gave this event plenty of memorable moments. Then Okada and Kenny Omega took to the ring and the rest, as they say, was history. Widely regarded from an in-ring quality standpoint as the greatest feud of all time, the main event here once again delivered, exceeded and set a new standard for pro wrestling. Truly remarkable stuff.


That’s part 3 done folks. Next week we roll on with entries 85-81. Keep those opinions coming too and let us know if you agree or disagree with anything we say.


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