1 Year Special – TBG’s Top Rated AAA Games

Next up, as part of our first-year celebration series of articles, @reviewsbyhughes1892 came up with the excellent suggestion to pull together the top-rated games reviewed by the team. It was an interesting proposal so here it is, a one page Hall of Fame covering the best AAA titles we’ve had the pleasure of playing and reviewing.

A special thank you to all of the developers and publishers who have supported us with our fantastic journey so far!


AAA Hall of Fame


Forza Horizon 3 & 4


Score Given: 10/10
Format: Xbox One
Review Date: 02/10/2018
Reviewed by: @thebigmacdaddygenericspacer

Forza Horizon 4 is here, its the game I have been waiting for all year and to say I have high hopes would be a total understatement. After seeing the initial preview video I have been like a kid looking forward to Christmas. I know it is going to be good, but will it live up to my expectations….

The game loads up and you see a Mclaren Senna rolling through the beautiful British landscape that the game is set in. To be honest, living in England I am not sure that the UK is this stunning, but that is by the by, the game is. The music tinkles in the background as the camera pans around your car. It is one of those moments that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and you know you are in for something special. Read more…

Also, check out our Horizon 3 review!


Resident Evil 2


Score Given: 9/10
Format: PlayStation 4
Review Date: 25/01/2019
Reviewed by: @jillr83genericspacer

It’s no secret, to say I was hyped for the Resident Evil 2 remake is maybe something of an understatement (read my New Year Resi-lution article here) and when the tell-tale brown Amazon package dropped through my letterbox I tore it open like a licker on a police sergeant.

I’ve never played the original version so I don’t have some of the nostalgia or knowledge that other fans may have, but from what I understand from other reviews the remake generally stays true to the original game but with tweaks to the geography and storyline. To call it a remake is also a little bit of an undersell as Capcom built the whole thing from scratch rather than put make-up on a pig… or in this case zombie. Read more…


Diablo III: Eternal Collection


Score Given: 9/10
Format: Nintendo Switch
Review Date: 03/11/2018
Reviewed by: @colonelkatafigenericspacer

Diablo III is a dungeon crawling action role-playing hack and slash blah blah fucking blah. Anyone else get bored with the insipid descriptions from the bigger media outlets? Luckily at TBG we are real people who just like to have fun playing games, no matter the prestige. Thanks to the guys at Indigo Pearl we have been provided with a review copy of Diablo III, a game I have been waiting to play since it’s big reveal a few months ago. Read more…


New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe


Score Given: 8.5/10
Format: Nintendo Switch
Review Date: 11/01/2019
Reviewed by: @pigswinggenericspacer

After six years of its original release on Wii U, New Super Mario Bros. U has found its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Now with the deluxe treatment. Even though the game’s visuals are starting to show it’s age, the gameplay is still as fun as it always has been.

Nintendo could have easily just ported the same game over but they have made a couple of small additions to give it a fresher feel. This time around, instead of just being able to use Mario on your journey to rescue the Peach while playing alone, you have the option to choose Luigi, a yellow Toad, Toadette, or Nabbit. Read more…


Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! / Eevee!


Score Given: 8/10
Format: Nintendo Switch
Review Date: 17/11/2018
Reviewed by: @lopezgreengenericspacer

When Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were initially announced I wasn’t especially excited as I thought it was going to have too much in common with Pokemon Go, which while a fun distraction I have some serious issues with. As time wore on and I saw more of the game I started to look forward to it as there seemed to be a lot more to it than I initially thought. Read more…


So there you have it our Top Rated AAA Games from year one, thanks for reading!


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