1 Year Special – TBG’s Top Rated Indie Games

Next up, as part of our first-year celebration series of articles, @reviewsbyhughes1892 came up with the excellent suggestion to pull together the top-rated games reviewed by the team. It was an interesting proposal so here it is, a one page Hall of Fame covering the best indie titles we’ve had the pleasure of playing and reviewing.

A special thank you to all of the developers and publishers who have supported us with our fantastic journey so far!


Indie Hall of Fame


Stardew Valley


Score Given: 10/10
Format: Nintendo Switch
Review Date: 12/02/2019
Reviewed by: @youtrevgenericspacer

Don’t call it Harvest Moon.

You’ve grown weary of your mundane desk job and long for change, suddenly recalling a special letter you promised to save for dire circumstances such as these. Paper clips and copy machines turn to potato seeds and fertilizer. There is no boss or instructions, live however you choose and make the most of each day. This is your life – what do you want to do with it? – Read more…


Hyper Light Drifter


Score Given: 10/10
Format: Nintendo Switch
Review Date: 11/11/2018
Reviewed by: @colonelkatafigenericspacer

I find that the best experiences in life are those in which you have very little expectations or previous knowledge. I remember seeing The Matrix at the cinema many years ago, I’d never even heard of it and therefore knew nothing about it. I was totally blown away and no film had ever filled me with that feeling of excitement and euphoria before, or since. I was literally stunned. I even met my wife on a blind date! – Read more…


The Gardens Between


Score Given: 9/10
Format: Nintendo Switch
Review Date: 19/09/2018
Reviewed by: @thejohnincgenericspacer

The Voxel Agents, heard of them? Maybe not, unless of course, you have played Train Conductor World or Puzzle Retreat on mobile platforms. Well, this is the team responsible for what I consider to be one of the finest puzzle games I have ever played in my 41 years upon this planet. Read more…




Score Given: 9/10
Format: Xbox One
Review Date: 12/02/2019
Reviewed by: @thebigmacdaddygenericspacer

When you hear the word Aaero you probably think of a light bubbly chocolate bar, but it’s actually a video game and a very good one at that. To give context as to what type of game Aaero is, I would describe it as a rhythm shooter game and would say the closest experience I have come across to it in gaming was Rez on the Dreamcast, particularly in terms of its playing style and genre. Rez too is another fantastic experience if you have not given it a go and a good solid place to take inspiration from. Read more…


Horizon Chase Turbo


Score Given: 9/10
Format: Nintendo Switch
Review Date: 12/02/2019
Reviewed by: @reviewsbyhughes1892genericspacer

Take a bow Aquiris Game Studio, TAKE A BOW!

It is not often I start a review sharing my innermost thoughts on a game, however Horizon Chase Turbo is a fast-paced, frantic and well-polished arcade racer and I think my review should be the same…

Styled on classic 80s racers such as Out Run, Top Gear and Rush, the premise is a simple one: start at the back of the grid, weave your way through your opponents and be crowned king of the racing world. At this point, I feel it is important to note that with the game being marketed as a racing game inspired by these retro greats, I would most likely have not purchased this game. Born in the 90s myself, I have no emotional attachment to games of this nature and I spent little time in an arcade – I blame my parents! With this in mind, I am in a privileged position to be able to review this game as a modern release, without nostalgia and high expectations clouding my judgement. Read more…


So there you have it our Top Rated Indie Games from year one, thanks for reading!


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