10 Ways To Improve The Nintendo Switch Experience

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What do we want? Many quality of life updates and enhancements to the user experience on Nintendo consoles. When do we want it? Eventually never. Nintendo is always playing catch up to the other kids on the playground and that sets them apart from Microsoft and PlayStation in bad ways that doesn’t make them unique. They have always prided themselves in being different, but the little things they lack add up and overtime set them at a snail’s pace behind the competitors. This won’t be a list of all things Nintendo needs to work on, but some that could be added to boost the likeness of the Switch at least.


1. Add Achievements


This will bring achievement hunters back to the games they’ve already conquered. Nintendo wants people playing their games more? Problem solved. It will make every game more interesting with outside objectives and goals. The Xbox achievements system is wonderful and hearing the sound and blip pop up is very satisfying. Get on it Nintendo.


2. Make Owned Content Suggested


Instead of scrolling through the news section looking for games you own, make owned games more prominent for suggestion. Make it an option to automatically follow purchased games content. Also, make this news area more user-friendly – in its current form, it’s awful.


3. Mutual Friends


Bring more players together. If I share a number of mutual friends with someone then just suggest another person on their list. I don’t need or want to search through my contacts or twitter friends.


4. Offer Quality Free Games


Play catch up with the other kids. Offer free games, besides the classic NES titles and Tetris 99, even if it means bumping up your price. Make them GOOD games, or if the player already owns it, maybe a DLC for it as a bonus? Lower price point, save money and bring the player back.


5. Customised Profile Pics


We know Nintendo will not allow their characters to be seen in any way they don’t approve, so add custom options of clothing that appear in Mario Odyssey or Mario Kart 8. Any current Mario game. A different colour background is lame and not cutting it.


6. Show Playtime Instantly


It’s 2019, why must we wait ten days to see current time played? It’s an easy win for keeping track of those all-important stats.


7. Universal Video Capture


What’s the deal with this capability being limited? It is possible, we know that, so why not build it into the OS of the Switch.


8. Shareable Wishlists


At the click of a button, we should be able to share our wishlists with Switch friends and other social media platforms. Won’t this potentially bring in more revenue? Many games go unnoticed in the eShop and users making others aware of hidden gems would surely fatten the wallets of those devs/publishers/Nintendo.


9. Gift Games


In the same vein as the prior tick, why can’t I purchase games for a friend? I would guess it would only be allowed in the same region for monetary reasons but that would be fine. A generous friend gifting a game to another is a profitable idea for Nintendo.


10. Game Share Options


Figure out a way for me to share games with my Wife on her Switch without having to sign into my profile. I should be able to play Sky Force while she plays Donut County and each of us be on our own profile. Make it happen and many people will be happy. Nintendo could find a way to make this happen without getting scammed. Just know, that I have two consoles in the same household and want to share games I’ve purchased for us to play.


If indie developers can implement quality of life improvements, so can Nintendo. Listen to your customers and give the players what they want. Kindly. Or not and we will continue to buy your products and nothing will change.


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  1. Awesome read. Agree with all of these especially the time played being instant as opposed to waiting 10 days.

  2. Excellent list. Everything just adds to the overall quality of life and ease of use.

  3. I 100% agree with everything on this list, great article! Let’s get this to Nintendo!

  4. Great list. Achievement would really help the indie games as people would be more likely to give them a go for achievement runs helping the studios earn more money for future projects

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